Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Live from Mama ER's hospital room!

EDITED. I move some stuff around after realizing I had, in newspaper-speak, "buried the lead" -- that is, put important stuff at the bottom instead of the top!


Y'all, for years I've limited my overt prayers to the Lord's Prayer and general petitions for wellness, blessings and God's will to be done -- never a bad way to pray -- because of disgust at the get-rich "Gospel" of so many TV preachers and the general misuse and capitalistic misunderstanding of Jesus's promise to give us "life more abundantly," which has nothing to do with wealth and material things.

Last Sunday at my crazy lefty church, the preacher preached from Philippians 4:4-7, and I was reminded that it is not always bad to pray for specifics, especially for others.

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

So, those of you who would, would you join me in praying a few specifics for Mama ER?

Pray that she either will regain her desire to eat, or start eating anyway. Pray that she regain her desire to exert herself more, walk when she can, do even little exercises to regain her strength.

Pray that she will, if not lose her confusion totally, then stop forgetting that people close to her in the past are now gone, or, pray that the "peace of God, which transcends all understanding," will envelope her and comfort her in those moments when she remembers, all over again, that Daddy ER, her own mama, her sisters and others have gone on, and grieves all over again, for grief is the great killer of desire, and Mama ER needs to want to do the things it will take to get better, not just want to go home.

If you will agree with me in this prayer, leave a note. Send a link to this post all over. Christians pray in Jesus's name. But, as usual, good vibes, karma, happy-happy thoughts and all other forms of hope are solicited and gladly accepted.

To doubters and detractors, this isn't magic. God's general will is that we all live, and Jesus promised life "more abundantly." I am not presumptious enough to pretend to know God's specific will. No one does. We pray -- the Lord's Prayer, for general health, and for specifics, I'm reminded, especially for others -- in the example of the first Christians. It's what we do.


Woo hoo! Finally, I'm able to not only get online, but to work from Mama ER's bedside -- or chairside at the moment.

Thanks to friend and coworker Three Desks Down And One Over for loaning me his laptop. TDDAOO was willing to loan me his work laptop for the week, if needed, and restrict himself to his personal laptop and my desktop computer at work.

Work, though, came through with a laptop for me, despite contractual and internal obstacles. It is great to work for a place where most people do try to help one another. So, this afternoon, I'll go back to the office to give TDDAOO this computer back and pick up my own and get a little training on it.

Mama ER's platelet count was 52,000 this morning, a new record. They are talking about taking her off the argatroban and putting her back on her regular blood thinner, Coumadin, a brand of Warfarin. (UPDATED: Not yet; still on argatroban).


I join you in prayer.
Mama ER is in my thoughts.
Letting you know Mama ER is in my thoughts and prayers.
You're in my prayers and thoughts.
Just letting you know I'm joining in prayer with you, too.
Praying...thanks for sharing
I have been and will keep praying for your mama and you and all the other ERs around.

I'm a big believer in prayer. As you did for me and my friend, Christian, I shall do for you. I pray for comfort. I pray for health. I pray all things that can help you and yours.

To show my faith in prayer and why I trust it so: Four weeks ago, my friend was injured. Brain surgery. Weeks of coma. Scary times.

Prayer was constant, in my heart and in the hearts of others.

Today, Chris spoke for the first time. I cried when I heard.

God is good. Praise Him, and celebrate the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ
Count me in.
When you've got an atheist backsliding into Congregationalism for your mama, that's saying something.

I'm praying hard.
I've been praying for your Mama several times a day. Your presence has a tremendous healing effect for her, I can guarantee you that. Make up little games to help get her moving -- if she doesn't want to get out of her bed, get a toy of some sort and tease her to reach for it (I used a Beanie Baby lobster to get my mom to reach). Get her to "dance" to move her legs, even if "dance" means nothing more than kicking or moving her legs side to side.

Do not be afraid if she forgets about loved ones past. They ARE there with her. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. Don't discourage that. Her reality for now is her own.

Is she having any problems with swallowing? That may be more of a detriment to her eating than a lack of appetite, frustrating though it may seem. If you can't get food into her, keep her going with Ensure or other supplements.

Do you have a boom box or something you can play Christmas music on? That's a big help.

Take advantage of this time to have meaningful conversations with her. Ask her what her favorite Christmas was and why.
I have been praying for Mama ER, and I'll be glad to join you in specific requests.

A wise man told me to think of prayer as communication between parent (Our Father) and child. Besides the love flowing both ways, Daddy WANTS us to tell him what we need and desire. He WANTS us to come to Him, and to trust Him for help.
Thanks, all y'all.

Miss C.: Yes! "Abba."

Marty and Roger: Thanks. Come back!

Staircased One: Hoot! :-)

Teditor: Yes!

Trixie: At about 4 a.m. today it dawned on me: I'll bet she hasn't had her teeth out since her surgery! And I think I was right. I stopped and got some Polident on the way this morning, and asked her nurse to deal with it -- because Mama ER's one or two vanities include a wee bit concerning her teeths. Got 'e, cleaned, waterd down some Listerine and let her wash out her mouth. She ate one-half of one-fourth of a Sonic cheeseburger and dang near polished off half-plus of a Braum's ice creeam sandwich. Then she told me her gums were sore. I think her teeth fell through the techs' cracks, so to speak. But now soakin' her choppers every night is in her file.
Excellent!! I'm glad that matter has been tended to. Funny how health care professionals (and families) can sometimes forget the most basic things in older patients. I predict that one simple change will make a HUGE difference!
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