Friday, December 22, 2006


Kitty critter curiosities

Ice-T let me open one of his presents for me last night! A book: "Why Do Cats Do That? Real Answers to the Curious Things Cats Do" (Irvine, Calif.: Bowtie Press, 1997).

(OK. *That's* funny. Two years since I finished my history degree, and I'm still citing even silly kitty-cat books using "Turabian" [Chicago Manual of Style] without even hardly thinking. Hoot.)

It's got why the critters love catnip, "make biscuits," purr, suck wool, land on their feet -- all kinds of stuff's in there.

Hmmm. I wonder if Ice-T feels misunderstood?!? Like his daddy doesn't really *know* him! Oh, Lordy, I wonder if he needs a cat shrink!

Uh, two words, cat: "Cowboy up." :-)

It'a fun book, although Ice-T was a bit miffed that all the feline pronouns used in it are female! "Eh! Ehh!" he says.


merry Christmas ER ...
Thank you, Tu.

You, too!
Merry Christmas to all the ER family.
Say one of the "advantages" of Mamma ER wandering in time would be to ask (and record)questions about you family history.
You all be good.
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