Monday, December 11, 2006


Jesus Gawdlemighty, crap like this will turn this supporter of public schools against 'em so fast it'll make a righty-right's head spin

From The Associated Press

WACO, Texas - School administrators gave a 4-year-old student an in-school suspension for inappropriately touching a teacher's aide after the pre-kindergartner hugged the woman.

Read all about it.

Here, let me me put on my feminist hat. ... You know what this is about? This is about a bunch of jackasses in Texas who see a breast and think "sex organ."

And now they're working to protect another body part mistaken for a secondary sexual characteristic: Their own ass.

And yes, I'm in a bad mood.

Mama ER is doing OK physically. I am struggling to get used to the idea of hospital psychosis.


So what is this mis-placed garbage about "public schools"????
It ain't public schools dude, it is WACO!
It is TEXAS!
Let us see now, Waco?
Waco, home of the Branch Davidians.
Waco the fiasco and the trigger for the OKC bombing.
Waco, about 10 miles from Crawford, Texas and the Chimp's Ranch. He nested in the right place (pun intended).
Waco, home of the Waco or Hueco tribe which up until 1830 were peaceful famers on the Bazos. Farmers who's fields were as large as 250 acres. They grew beans, squash, corn, melons, and watermelons. Some of their houses were 30 to 40 feet long.
By 1852 all but a handful were dead or hounded across the Red River, and their farms were a thriving new Anglo Texas town.
Waco home of the storied Texas Rangers (as in the cops).
Waco birth place of Dr. Pepper.
OK, they did one thing right.
It ain't the "public schools" man, it is the public and in this case the Waco public.

Hospital induced psychosis: bummer.
Yours, or your mother's?
They don't call it "Wacko" for norhin'.

Mama ER thought it was 1955 part of yesterday. Then 1976. She kept asking about some long-gone kin, and my dad, who died in '89. She knows people but she doesn't know where she is, or why. This, after five days of post-surgery lucidity.
Sounds like they are treating her heart and not her.

Health care in America lacks true balance.

Sort of like the mechanic that soups up your car to run at a 150 mph but does it outside in the rain with the windows down.

Been through very similar things with my parents when they were alive and incarcerated in the health care system.
I went through that with my mom too. There came a day when they brought her supper and she said "What is that naked little boy doing over there under that plant in the corner?" Well, there was neither plant nor naked boy, of course, but it tickled mom to "see" him hiding there. It developed into her seeing naked men walking up and down the corridor. The nurses explained to me that it is better for the patient to just let them have their own reality and not try to argue them out of it -- trying to "correct" their perceptions only agitated and confused them more. So one time when Mom was talking about the naked men walking around, the nurse just said "Thank God for Viagra!" Mom laughed so hard at that!

One time they took her down to do an ultrasound of her gall bladder. While we were waiting in a darkened room, I looked over and saw her raising her arm and making stabbing motions into the air. Then she would turn her head to either side and talk. I finally figured out she was playing Bingo and talking to her friends! She had a good time -- even said "Shit!" when she didn't win.

During my mom's last week, I flew my aunt in from Kansas City to visit her. Mom knew who she was when she got there and they had a great visit. Then as the morning went on, Mom saw her as another old friend, and had a great visit with her, then another. So she wound up having a three-for-one visit. It wasn't what I saw, but it made Mom immensely happy to have that company.
Oh. And I forgot. But I think that teacher's assistant should have been fired for overreacting to a sign of a child's affection and love. And the school system owes that family a HUGE apology.
Thats just a little ridiculous
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