Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Guest Blog from Dr. ER - The lessons we learned in kindergarten don't apply to cookies!

Bird is going to have her first Christmas where she's in a significant enough relationship that some of our gift tags read: "To Bird and YankeeBeau." She's not examined what this will do to the QUANTITY of her gifts yet, but when I married WAY TOO YOUNG, the Christmas after was something of a shock.

My gift load was cut in half. I had to SHARE with my new husband. Hmm, I hadn't counted on that. Because not only does the gift load change, the nature of the gifts change as well. You get gifts for the house or games or things that you HAVE to share.

Mostly, I grew accustomed to all that. Then, I divorced and got my own gifts yet again. Then I married ER and found myself having to share all over again. And that's fine, I'm older and more mature now. I can handle that.

Except for one thing: Big Big ER's sister makes the most AMAZING peanut butter cookies on the planet. Brother ER gets his own bucket of cookies last week and he has the whole bucket to himself. ER and I are expected to SHARE! Share the most amazing peanut butter cookies on the planet? We're like pack wolves, trying to out-eat each other before the other gets all the cookies. We have only six cookies left as I write, and since it's ER's sister, I told him that he can have the rest.

But we are thinking that Big Big sister should share the recipe. It's pure torture to wait a whole year for those melt-in-your-mouth-and-eat-two-dozen-before-you-know-it cookies. It's sooooooooo hard to not only share, it's hard to wait, and we've almost killed this year's supply!

So please, Big Big sister, share your recipe with Dr. ER!!!! Or send us a bucket of our own each year....we will pay cold, hard cash for access to this amazing secret recipe! We're like heroin addicts when the cookies are gone. Please, please, please, send more cookies or share the recipe!

Or else we're going to have to check into a peanut butter cookie methadone clinic.
Much love to Big Big sister, of course, Dr. ER.

Good grief girl, they're just Better Homes And garden cookbook peanut butter cookies.
1/2 cup margine or butter or margarine
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 1/4 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1/2 t.baking soda
1/2 t.baking powder
1/2 t. vanilla flavoring

in a small bowl,combine flour,baking powder,soda and salt.
in larger bowl, beat margarine, peanut butter and sugars. Add eggs and vanilla. Beat well. Add flour mixture. Roll into one inch balls.
put on cookie sheet. crisscross with fork dipped in sugar. bake in preheated oven at 375 degrees for 7 to 9 minutes. cool in pan 2 minutes before cooling on wire rack. makes about 36 cookies.

my version: always double the recipe (no use messing up the kitchen for 36 cookies. I use 1/2
real butter and 1/2 butter flavored
crisco. I only cook them 7 minutes so they will be chewy.

The only reason I just make these at christmas is that I love these and cant have them because of my sugar cane allergy. (be thankful for once a year. ha ha

By the way, I could not get an answer in mamas hospital room today.
Do you have any updates on her condition?

Big Big ER tex sis
Hey, you are the only person I know, except maybe mama, who has such a thing as a Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook.

And hey again: Good recipes are loike great poems! Those who know them hold true secrets! ...

Now there's an ER thought: Recipes as literature. :-)
Oh, recipes are definitely literature! Most of the true bibliophiles I know have piles of cookbooks--a love of food and a love of words just seem to go together somehow.
You better believe cookbooks are literature. I have between 125 and 150 cookbooks myself, dating back to books that belonged to my grandmother in her early married years. The way recipes have been written over the years has changed vastly. Her first cookbooks mention baking in a "very hot" oven and using a piece of lard the size of a walnut.

One of my favorite books was published during WWII and includes an entire section that was added at the end about cooking with rationing coupons.

I've been working on a cookbook for my cousins using recipes from a great aunt's personal ledger. It includes recipes from hog-slaughtering time: Smoking a ham to cold-process lye soap. You never know when you may be called on to make some good old soap!
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