Friday, December 15, 2006


Frenetic Friday

Gah. Worked only a half-day today, barely, at home, then went to see Mama ER but she was zonked totally out, so I went Christmas shopping and got dang near all of it done now, consumed not one but two eggnog lattes from Starbucks, yum, then went back to see Mama ER and met Dr. ER there.

Mama ER's platelet count tonight: 40,000. She also got some new blood. I saw her surgeon in the cafe and he told me the new drug is working but it will take some time.

I said something about how you get average lengths of stay in a hospital: some stays are shorter than average and some, like Mama ER's in her 15th day today, are longer.

He said: "No one is doing double-valve replacement surgery on 84-year-olds. There are no averages. We're not in any hurry to get her out of here and into rehab. Some places would be."

I thanked him. He is a co-owner of the hospital with other heart surgeons and caridologists. I believe him.

This evening, Mama was up in her chair and more alert than shes been all week when Dr. ER and I were there. She ate a little tuna fish and some cotton cheese with a splash of vinegar (at my request, since I knew they wouldn't give her any salt and I knew that's how she got me to eat it when I was a little bitty ER).

She asked me, again, about her mama, and two of her sisters who are gone. She'll get her bearings back when she gets back in her regular surroundings. It seems like she understood, today anyway, that not eating and not walking are not going to get her back home. So she ate a little, and while she didn't walk much today, she did move around some.

On a cooler note: I was in a Christian book-music store this afternoon, looking for a specific Christmas present, for the first time in maybe 20 years. I had to leave the music area before I spent my whole paycheck for stuff I hadn't heard in 20 years.

The Hinsons. The Rambos. Keith Green. Aweson tunage from my Gospel radio deejaying days.

Awesome tunes. Reminds of the days before the right w- ... oh, never mind. :-) Shoot, even EL and I agreed on something today!


Wait a minute. You agree with ELash that not only does this not belong in the sphere of discussion, but that those responsible for it should be "destroyed"?

I went and looked at it. Laughed out loud. It was perhaps the funniest thing this particular birthday has held for me.

And check the media coverage. The guy who started it is an atheist (duh), but doesn't want religion removed from public debate: he wants us all to Really talk about it. I feel like the militant evangelicals in this country routinely do far worse things than this, and especially since they seem to want to quell debate of any kind on the subject.

I mean, you know how I feel on this one: organized religion is what I view as the original sin. But for believers, isn't the point that God is way bigger than a bunch of smartasses who use shock to spur debate?

So again, what part are you agreeing with?
Oh, that it's shocking and that the people who make the videos are to be pitied. Read my comment over there! I haven't turned hard-core, by any means.
Oh, rich:

You say it's your birthday? Happy birthday to you!
Eggnog latte? Isn't that a bit redundant? Want some milk with your milk?

Glad to hear Mama ER is eating!
Well just in case I do have a soul, I don't think I would trade it for a DVD. Surely I can get a better deal. Kind of a wierd bargin especially in that the DVD 'The God That Wasn't There' is one I think every Christian should see and discuss. If you haven't seen it, get a copy (borrow or buy it preferably) and watch it. Informed faith is stronger than blind faith.
I'd read such a book. Might would watch such a DVD. Hey, I have torn my faith to shreds, in college, in sin, and in the dark hours of the soul -- and it's still there. I don't think this DVD would pack much of a wallop.
After thinkin on this for a bit, maybe EAL etc. have got it all wrong. This shows the strength of "faith" even in those who don't think they have any. From what I have read there are 1001 free DVDs available but only 100 have been claimed.
You mean ONLY 100 fools have taken them up on this, 100 out of the many tens of thousands who know about this through all the blogs etc.?
That's frickin incredable. Amazing actually. What is that saying after all?
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