Tuesday, December 12, 2006



Cartoon in The New Yorker:

Two dogs. One says to the other (inexact quote):

"I had a blog. But then I decided to go back to just mindless barking."

Ar ar!

I'm pooped.


That's funny. I can relate.

ER, that was an Arf-ful joke.
It may have Arff-ul, but it made me howl.
JTB, ment to say,"It may have been arf-ful, but it made me howl."
It is hard picking up after JTB, and correcting his mistakes. I have to be doggedly persistant in doing so.
ER, it looks like you may get hounded with a pack of bad dog puns here.
Then KEvron will be here shortly. That guy and his peeps can smell an oppuntunity a mile away!
I saw a carton where a dog blogger decided that his mindless barking had a larger audience in the backyard than on the inernet!
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