Thursday, November 09, 2006


Watch dem blue dogs now

Meet the new effective leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Blue Dog Coalition.


Maybe it's the throbbing headache I have this morning, but is it that blue-dog dems are considered moderate? If so, that surprises me with the CA names on the members list.

I dunno, maybe it's really worse in Sacramento than I thought. =:o
Frenzied, it's all relative. The most conservative Dem is still to the left of the most conservative Repub.

Take Oklahoma's one Dem in Congress, Dan Boren. He has voted with the president/GOP 65 percent of the time the past two years, which makes him a very conservative Dem, but if he were a Repub, he'd be considered a RINO/liberal.
Yes, but Jane Harman's name practically jumped off the page at me, as did Joe Baca's and Loretta Sanchez's. They may not be flush-left, but they're further away from the middle than they are the left margin.
Yer right. I don't know. Maybe they need to clean out the dog house.
It don't matter if the dogs are blue or yellow or if there are RINOS or DINOS invloved. What matters is are you doing what the people want?
The Republicans were voted in during 1994 because the Democrats couldn't get government to work the way people wanted it to work. The people didn't much think the Reps would be that much better but they thought they would be better than the Dems. The Reps turned out to the the 21st Century version of the Viking raiders, looks like they slaughtered every porker in the whole of America. Now the Dems need to assert up front that they can't get the job done with out the Republicans help. Forget Bush, just ignore him! He is a lame lame duck dufas, Court the Republicans who want to stay in their power circle past 2008. You only need 9 fellow travelers of Republican vintage in the Senate and then you are veto proof. Play nice and make deals boys and girls. Let the plate grow cold before you extract your revenge. You will have time after 2009.

Let me be one of the first to say:
Bill Richardson for President!
Obamma for Vice President!
Let the games begin.
Obama for PRESIDENT.
The blue dogs are getting all the attention, but the largest caucus in January will be the Progressive Caucus--not the blue dogs, nor even the DLC (corporate Clintonistas). Pelosi will have a hard job keeping the diverse tent together, but the progressives look to be senior on most of the important committees.
Probably. But the blue dogs will bolt in a minute if they don't get heard.
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