Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Mama ER

Taken by ambulance to emergency room. Trouble breathing, even with oxygen.


Prayers said. Safe travel.
Waiting for info. This has happened before when she's gotten off her water pills.
Sending good thoughts Mama ER's way, and yours.
She's in my prayers, as is your whole family.

Water pills? Heart condition?
May it come out well and you have another reason to be thankful tomorrow.
Prayers for Mama and your family.
Mama ER is 84 and has had a pacemaker for several years.

She is OK. I talked to her on the phone. She did not forget to take her pills, though. She put on five pounbds of water the past couple-three days for some reason.

Sigh. Big Brudder's back is so out he can't get out of his house to go be with her -- and it's for him I am most thoughtul and prayerful right now. Mama ER is in the best place she can be, in the hospital. I know my Brudder is sad because he can't be there with her, as usual.

And, thank you all.
She's in my prayers, ER.
You know I'm praying for all of you.
I'll say prayers, too, ER.
Mama ER is in my prayers as well as you, my overeducated friend. I love you all and wish you as happy a Thanksgiving as possible.

Thanks, Holio. I plan to try to see you and your young'un sometime over the holidays.
God bless the whole ER family.
I am so sorry to hear about
momma and brudder.

love and prayers,
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