Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Mama ER ready for take-off!

Mama ER, who has never flown, will be flown from Fort Smith, Ark., to Oklahoma City tomorrow, for surgery the next day or Friday. There's an ice storm coming, so they migth be trying to beat it.

She makes an ugly face when she thinks about flying. "I'll hitch-hike!" she says.



I love your mom's spirit, ER! Hope her flight's a good one (and I'm glad she'll be on the ground before the storm).
Can she take pics from the chopper? ;)
Keep us posted how she's doing. How's your brother?

Prayers continue.
Mama ER, when she was a young, young farm wife -- early 20s if not even late teens -- drove, by herself, big farm trucks loaded with cantaloupes from the Oklahoma side of Fort Smith to a market in Kansas City. Mama ER is tough, down deep.

Brudder ER still down in the back, hoping to be able to be driven the 180 miles to OKC area for a checkup on his surgery.
My prayers will be flying with her tomorrow.
She'll be in my prayers, ER. And you and your brother, too!
Thank you all.
Hope you'll give us a detailed report of her impression of her first flight. Thoughts are with you all during this time.
ER, my prayers are with you. I know this is scary, but it's pretty routine for all others involved. Remember that, and hopefully it'll bring you comfort.

And so far, my friend remains stable. After a rough Thanksgiving, he made improvements over the weekend. Still a long ways to go, but we're hopeful
My mother refuses to fly. As my parents are elderly and live back east, it precludes them visiting us out here on the prairie. I do admire your Mom's spirit, but I am also glad she is wise enough to do what she needs to do to take care of herself. God Bless and a prayer for her as well.
Glad to hear it, Teditor. Sounds like a long row ahead.

Thanks, Geoffrey.
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