Friday, November 24, 2006


Mama ER needs a valve job


Brudder ER back home.

I'm headin' that way Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, it looks like right now.



This is a little mixed up, it turns out. Angioplasty in Arkansas, then they'll decide what to do next.

And, Brudder ER is now back in the hospital ...

Just told the boss not to expect me Monday. If I'm away from here, y'all know why.


Mama ER has a leaky heart valve. She is in good hands now in Fort Smith, Ark. The plan is: Come Monday, they will do some prep work -- then in a day or two, FLY HER TO OKLAHOMA CITY IN A HELICOPTER to do the surgery!

Mama ER has never flown! Wow!

And the hospital is within 10 miles of the ER household!

I told Dr ER that when I was growing up, in eastern Oklahoma about 180 miles east of where I live now, the idea of going to Oklahoma City for just about anything, let alone a medical procedure, would have seemed about as foreign and exotic as flying to Paris, France, now for something like that.

Dadgum if the world didn't change while I wadn't payin' attention.

Prayers directed to Fort Smith appreciated! ... Also, a good friend of mine's dad died Thanksgiving morning. Intercession directed to the W family in Oklahoma City, appreciated.

On a lighter note:

The ER house is decorated for Christmas! Bird and her YankeeBeau helped Dr. ER inside, and they helped me outside. Both make fine hands. We about ate up the turkey breast from Wednesday, and the game hens last night. A fine time was had by all.


Oh wow! Too much, too much. But wouldn't it be great if the angio solved your mama's troubles?
I'm sorry to hear that Mama ER has more ahead of her, and that your brother is on the fritz, too. I'll keep them in mind come prayertime.

I'm envious of your Mama, though not of the circumstance. I've always wanted to ride in a helicopter.
Man, when it rains, it pours ...
Sheesh! Saying prayers for Mama ER and carefully getting there.
Prayers here, too. If there is anything else we can do to help, just say the word.
And just last night, during the 'what we're thankful for' part, we were reminded that we nearly lost my ma (cancer) and my nephew (congenital heart defect), but we're all here.

And now you, over there. Haven't read for a few days. Blessings and grace, yo.

And if the doctors get uppity, remind them that they're your employees. Seriously.
Thanks, rich.
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