Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Madame Speaker!

Get used to it. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.


(As seen at KEvron's; I think he actually had the privilege of voting for her yesterday.)

Yesterday, I had the great and solemn pleasure of voting for a winner in a national race, I BELIEVE for the first time in all my 25 years of voting!

So, this is what representation feels like...
Yep, it takes a strong woman to clean up the House!
Worms turn. Bush just admited that he lied to reporters last Friday about Rumsfeld resigning. Of course he didn't say "I lied", but that is the substance of his answer.

I kind of hope the senate is split 50/50. That means that Cheny will have to stay in place to do his tie breaking stuff and do his constitutional. That will be a lot of stress on him. Also the Republican hubris got us into this mess. I would like to see the Republicans work their way out of this and have to ask the Dems for their help.
I am listening to Bush right now disavow and eat his own words about the democratic leadership.
He is blinking and grunting a lot.
Now he is comparing Iraq to Vietnam and explaining why they are different, as if he knew anythin about Nam, Jody MF'er that he is.
Bush is toast. His own party will now eat him. May they choke.
That's a sight lots of folks will see -- in fundraising letters from conservative groups. You can expect them to be very successful in raising money, too.
It's revolting to hear someone describe voting for any politician as a "privilege" or a "great and solemn pleasure." They lie for a living, a profession possible by the stupidity of their client base. If the Republicans have recently been worse, it's only because the brighter portions of their base get a wink, a nod, and genuine service while the rhetoric is geared to the dull and vicious, as in the Virginia senatorial race.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and the enemy is not living in a cave in west Pakistan.
I note that civil rights - like habeus corpus and the right to privacy - didn't make the top four concerns of voters in exit polls.

Still, if nothing else, a stunning and satisfying stage-slap of the most despicable administration in my lifetime. And i was alive in 1973.

Noe let's see if the Democrats can avoid the electoral suicide of nominating "Madame" Clinton from New York for 2008.
Hummm, maybe they're not yet ready to leave..... What if they just decided to stay?

from 1 hour, 5 minutes ago at 5:35 p.m. Wednesday

"GREAT FALLS, Montana (Reuters) - Democrat Jon Tester declared victory over Republican Sen. Conrad Burns (news, bio, voting record) in Montana on Wednesday in a close contest, but the Republican incumbent declined to concede in a race crucial to control of the U.S. Senate."
Nick, what's a sight they'll see in fund-raising letters?

TStock, sorry to revolt you. I consider living in this country, and its systems, with all their warts, a privilege. I sure didn't buy the right, or earn it. Fate and God let it happen. I'm thankful. I am privileged.
The sight is "Speaker Pelosi." That'll scare the conservative base quite a bit, I think.
It sure didn't yesterday.
"You" were also created by those systems, in ths context far more than by your DNA. It's impossible you could be anything else. Be grateful for a circular definition.
You are correct, sir. Why should that revolt me, or upset me, or make me anything but FEEL PRIVILEGED? You circled yourself into your own box this time. :-)
Ah, no - I suggest a different response; that the election was a small part of what I'm due and I'm unlikely to collect on much of the balance; that having "leaders" is an indignity and politicians as leaders a permanent insult. Ask not what you can do for your country - ask what this social compact is doing for you. Privileged - only in odious comparison. And all that makes me feel very American. More American than most Americans, in fact.
Re: the TS/ER exchange.
As one who thinks he paid his dues to be an American even though he was "born" into the system, and as one who carefully and seriously considered leaving this system/country and living elsewhere but did not do it. I can say that I am happy to be here as F....d Up as it is, because I could not find any other place less F.....d up than this one. Although I wouldn't use the word privilaged, just lucky and because I made a concious decision to stay when I could have done otherwise perhaps even "wise".
But it is not a sacred thing, this citizenship, this country, if I thought it so I would be blaspheming the real sacred things I hold to be sacred. It is an accident of birth. It is geography. It is a decendent of the Enlightenment. It is a product of Lincoln's cussedness. But my citizenship here is not sacred, it is just what I am, and even though I have and will support and pay my duty to it, I shall not worship it.
TS, fear not. With the rise of Barack Obama on the political scene, I don't think you need to be concerned about Hillary taking the Democratic nomination in 2008. I think you're going to be amazed at that campaign now. There's finally a rising young leader who has what it takes to inspire this country again.
Drlobo, amen.

Trixie: I think TStock is uninspirable.
ER - Largely correct about not being susceptible to inspiration, although the picture on your next post came dern close. "Dern" - did Ii get that right?

And DrL's Freeman's Ode to America on this thread.
Yer dern tootin' TStock!
Wait -- did you mean the Blue Dog or the ribs??
oops - the ribs. Just like said ribs, your posts tend to make a feller forget how many he's had.
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