Wednesday, November 15, 2006


If a cold wind blows ...

... so hard it slams the back door of your house open, even moving the NASCAR tire(Harvick, No. 29, Daytona a few years back, left rear) you use to block it shut and rolling it into the kitchen, and it gets so cold in the house that your cat, already unsettled because his master, lord and savior (me) left extra early, so he repeatedly goes to the bedroom door and sort of makes a trilling sound to wake up your missus, but she sleeps like a cement block, but eventually wakes up, late for appointments in the city -- then you might be a redneck, winter might have come blowing in finally, and your cat may or may not be something of a sissy no matter what kind of collar he wears. :-)

I must've been a Canadian, or denizen of the U.S. Northern Plains, in a former life. I LOVE this kind of weather: blowy (70 mph gusts!), COLD and wet, with a chance of sleet! Woo hoo!

What's the weather like where you are? Is it your kind of weather? What kind of weather do you prefer?


It's sunny, in the low 80's, clear sky here. It's not my cuppa at this time of year. I like cooler weather with at least a few clouds.

I like days like the one you're having when I get to stay home all day and watch it. :)
I'm with you ER--I just luuuuv this blowy, chilly weather we're having! Not at all a hot weather person, I get all the enjoyment I can out of Oklahoma's too short, too warm, not white enough winters.

Got to try out my new Columbia coat on the walk to work this morning, which was straight into that northern wind. Was grinning like a fool the whole time.
I love the last half of October and first half of November (most years). I love the falling leaves and all that the senses absorb -- the smells, the beautiful colors, the cooling temperatures, the tastes of heartier foods. I am not as crazy about the wind and sleet, especially if I have to get out and drive in it -- or worse, stand in it while working. Moderate this temp by about 15 degrees and I'm great! Rain, I love. Unfrozen.
Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Sleet accepted.
Southern Michigan is chilly and very rainy right now. I think we're heading into a bit of Indian Summer. A little late for the year, but just what I like.

I love Indian Summer. Cool and a little balmy before winter finally turns to snow.
I like cool, rainy nights, with a little bit of a misty fog thrown in. But my days should be full of balmy breezes blowin' off the spice islands, endless blue skies that fall into azure waters, my toes digging into diamond-white sand while I share a glass of something icy with Captain Morgan. (sigh)
I like bitter cold; sleet, snow, hail..anything frozen falling from the sky.

Hey, check out this website...

--Chandler Bing
Ha. No hail, please. Ask my truck about that. :-) Insurance good.
I've seen the Red Flag site before. What does it mean that I've read three of the five books on their recommended reading list? :-)
Oh!Oh! Let me see if I can guess which ones they were! :)

Red Dirt: Growing Up Okie

Oil, Wheat & Wobblies: The Industrial Workers of the World in Oklahoma, 1905-1930

Agrarian Socialism in America: Marx, Jefferson and Jesus in the Oklahoma Countryside
Give the little lady a bouquet of flowers! Right on the money. :-)
Holy crap! I own two of those three books-- and have read 'em, too.

And how in the name of long underwear can you like cold prairie winds freezing your tuckus off?

Me? I love it when it's 106 and I'm tramping around the Tallgrass Prairie preserve or sumpin'. Hold the deer ticks, please.

Course, I'm ex-pat, and perhaps the mists of memory are a bit too halcyon. But I don't think so....
Howdy Ms. Corn! Icy weather makes me wish I had some real work to do outside. Makes coffe soooo gooood. And it justifies biscuits and gravy. ... I've rid a desk so long, I long for the days when I actually worked for a living.
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