Monday, November 06, 2006


He that hath an ear ...

Lend me one! An ear, that is.

Still no improvement in the left ear, which has been stopped up since Iowa.

Called the doc's office and he called me in some more antibiotics, and some other meds to help it drain.

And he set me up with an ear-nose-throat specialist -- on Dec. 5.

It's the middle ear, he says, and so he can't just gouge out whatever has it blocked.

Dang it. I'm too young to be goin' deaf.


Hopefully if you get into an otolaryngologist they can give you a shot of steam up your nose and everything will instantly open up. That is the BEST feeling in the whole world!

I hope you are trying some steam (vaporizor; hot showers) and hot drinks. That seems to help too. Are you on decongestants?
As a regular sinus-infection sufferer, I wonder if it's sinuses causin' the problem with your hearin'. My right ear is consistently somewhat "muffled" because of the stoppage along my right sinus path.

The ear-nose-throat specialist I saw in OKC a few years ago recommended a few things to help, and they do: 1) pop your ears (ya know, by holdin' your nose and blowin'). 2) Try some Afrin, which will help clean out the sinuses, just be careful and don't take too much. 3) Regularly use saline spray in your nose, because with A.C.s and in and out and dry weather, your nostrils might be dry, helping cause problems there, too. 4) Take meds to clean out those sinuses.

Hope that helps.
Hi there ER,

Your Professional Lurker here.

Listen, as a very experienced middle ear person. Blew the left out three times and now have deafness.

Get those antibiotics and other recommeneded stuff and get it taken care of before you blow one too. The inner ear can only take so much fluid behind the drum before it blows.

Also use a cup of some sort and put a hot wet paper towel in to and cup your ear. Wet heat in a small limited area is going to ease the tention in the ear. after doing that, put a little bit of cotton in the ear to protect it. Right now your sick ear needs a cocoon.

It's too late to "Valsalva" Popping your ear drums. But put that method into a regular practice when you feel any blocking starting to happen. You can prevent exactly what is happening to you, if you use that method.
Thanks, all. I'm followin' my doc's orders. I'll try the cocoon, Sheila.
Folk cure:
Sounds like a severe case of Iowa cow dung dust mixed with geneticall altered corn pollen pollution and glacial loess.

Try a cup of strong black coffee and a double shot in a sniffer of good Brandy. Start with letting the coffee steam up your sinuses,and the inside of your mouth. Then take a good long sip of it. Then use the Brandy fumes the same way, and then a long sip of it, rolling it in the back of your mouth.
Now here is the part that begins to work. Breath in the coffee vapors and sip the coffee again. Feel that cutting feeling? Inhale and exhale out of your nose as you continue to alternate beverages. The hot caffine steam combined with the now heated alcohol vapors will expand your eustachian tube, which connects to your middle ear from the inside. The heated alcohol vapor having smaller molecules than the water vapor and materials in the blockage can move into and through the blockage and the membranes involved and thus may loosen the pressure.
No don't try just pouring the Brandy into your ear from the outside. This cure is erudite subtle not redneck direct.
If the first coffee and brandy don't work try a second and maybe a third. By then you won't give a damn whether you can hear or not.
Drlobojo, I would like to try that remedy myself just because I'm having a tough day!! Too bad I have miles to go before I sleep. And no brandy. And probably no coffee... GAH!
Awwww, poor Twixie ...
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