Saturday, November 25, 2006


Happy anniversary, baby!

Got you on my mi-ind! (Name the band!)

Nine years today that Dr. ER and I have been hitched! Still, all :-)'s!

We're going to The Mantel tonight for dinner, then to a Barnes & Noble where we can both feed our bibliophilic addictions.

First, however, there is the little matter of Bedlam, the university of Oklahoma at Oklahoma State, today at 1:30 p.m.

My recliner is the best seat in the house. Obnoxious OSU orange flag on the front of the house is clashing with the holiday colors.

GO POKES! What they say is true: OSU can lose every game but beat ou, and it's a winning season. :-)

Happy anniversary to us! GO POKES!

Granddogs -- l-r, Apollo, Fenway -- being cute.

Stepdog Riker, the regal Pembroke Welsh corgi, and Bailey, the "special" weinie dog!

Thanksgiving dinner entree -- for me, Dr. ER, Bird and YankeeBeau -- on ER's trusty Weber kettle grill. Cornish game hens. Yum.

ER still life: My perch, and distractions, between bastings!


Happy anniversary to you two! You'll have to give a report on the Mantel. That's a pretty nice looking pack of dogs, but where's the T?
The Little River Band... from 'Diamantina Cocktail', 1977... Glenn Shorrock singing lead.

Great Album but not as good as the one that followed in '79... 'First Under the Wire'.
The Mantel is great. At one point, Dr. ER said, "For awhile, I forgot we were in Oklahoma City." Indeed.

Appetizer: Smoked salmon with the capers and onions and loittle toasts.

Me: Duck breast.

Her: A couple of appetizers for a meal, inlcuding an asparagas salad and a whole roasted garlic.

Dessert: coffee and tres cremes brulee.

Then to Full Circle Books and to Barnes & Noble. :-)

(T was hiding when the dogs were ruling the roost.)
I see you know how to turn the Weber into a smoker. Just out of curiosity, what did you put in your drip pan? Personally, I like to use Apple Cider in mine.

I have my own wood smoker, actually, and yes, I did smoke a turkey in it again this year. I had to cook it all night long, and it was raining and I overcompensated for the chilly temps and made the fire hotter, thus overcooking the bird somewhat, but it came out tasty nonetheless. Just tougher than I like.

I don't like duck, but I BBQ'd some duck once. That was a near disaster. I figured if I put enough seasoning on them and cooked them longer, I could cook the gaminess out of them. It worked, but the end result was duck jerky. Not what I had intended, although my son said it was very good jerky.
I didn't put anything in the drip pan. ??? It only took about 2 1/2 hours. I put apple wood chips on the briquets every time I basted, every 30 minutes. But nothing in the drip pan. How would I have saved the drippings?
Yuck. Save the drippings? They are unusable so I just throw them out, but they impart a hint of taste (apple in my case) of whatever is in the pan. You can use anything you like. I've even used beer and Dr. Pepper depending on what I am smoking.
Hmm. The drippings go into the gravy!

Correction: The four game hens took 90 minutes in the Weber; it was the 7-pound turkey breast I did (pecan smoke there) that took 2 1/2 hours -- and it wad the turkey drippings I saved for the gravy, actually, not the chicken.)
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