Friday, November 17, 2006


Cat Rapture just a dream!

By Ice-T

And this I saw in a vision, on the isle of Catmos ...

I heard the tinkly watery sound and the big swoosh sound come from the little room next to the room where my daddy sleeps, so I knew he was awake. I ran into the kitchen to stand by my feed bowl as usual.

Daddy came in and I watched his feet closely, as I always do, to see if he would go to the coffee pot or my feed bowl first. He didn't do either, which should have told me something was up.

All I know is I was just standing there in the kitchen one minute, and the next I was taken, and flying through the air! Then I went head first into some kind of portal! It was dark and cramped. There was one of my catnip toys and a comfy towel, but I was so scared I didn't play with the toy or pay any attention to the towel.

Then the dark, cramped place started moving for what seemed like forever. It got cold. Then it got warm and I heard strange noises and music and singing. I couldn't see anything but rays of light. I couldn't see my daddy but I could hear him. He was singing! I just knew it was The End for both of us!

After what seemed like forever, it got still. Everything stopped. Then I started moving again and it got cold, then it got warm again. It got still.

Then the face of the scariest-looking creature I ever saw appeared right in front of my face, separated from me only by some kind of mesh that I hadn't noticed before. The Scary Thing looked sort of like me, but was bigger and was white and gray and brown -- and had only one eye, as God is my witness, it had only one eye! Part of his head was even gone! I hissed! I hissed again!

Then I heard my daddy's voice. He was fussing at the monster, taking up for me, as usual. But I was so confused. I didn't know where I was, where my daddy was or what was going on.

Everything started moving again, then it got still, and another portal of some kind opened up and there were four strange hands and they had pointed sticky things in them and before I knew it I felt prickly feelings and I thought I was done for! My daddy's voice was faint, like he was far away! I was scared.

I thought, if this is Cat heaven, what must hell be like?

Then it all started over again! The portal disappeared. Everything moved again. It got cold, then warm, then cold, then warm and the world moved in strange ways and I heard the music and the singing again and my daddy's voice and all of a sudden I started smelling familiar smells and it got still.

And another portal opened. And there was my daddy! In our house! I climbed through the portal and jumped onto the floor. My daddy picked me up and held me and hugged me and said nice things to me.

I think it was just a dream. But I have a couple of sore spots. And I think I saw a new necklace for me with some new writing on it. My daddy left it in his big chair and said something about putting it on me later, since he needed to go to work.

That lady who lives here is sleeping late. I think I'll go bite her face.


Oh Cat! I'm rolling on the floor laughing. What a horrible experience for you! I mean, listening to your Daddy sing and all... that is too cruel!
Marvelous! Why are discerning, thoughtful people also cat lovers? Of course, I am also a dog-person (our St. Bernard is 1 today, and we have celebrated for the birthday boy!), but cats will always have a special place in my heart.
Well, "The Lady" reports that he did not bite off my face, but instead lay humbly while I scratched his head, probably thinking, "any port in a storm." Of course, we are dog people first -- this cat came to us on little fog feet one day. Thing is, the last time that T went to this rapture location, he came home not feeling well and it was THE LADY who nursed him every day and, in the end, he cared not, "daddy" was still his first choice. Last night, however, after Daddy went to bed, I had a nice bowl of Honeycomb (and T and I always watch DVDs together at night) and I gave T a piece of cereal, which he likes, by the way, especially when we're watching M*A*S*H, and then, knowing what was ahead of him today, I poured the sweet, cereal milk into my spoon and put the spoon under his mouth so he could enjoy sweetened cereal milk. Six spoonfuls later, he was full. And in between spoonfulls, he ate his one piece of cereal, which makes me think he's bordering on sentience, understanding the whole cereal-milk relationship. So the point here is that I'm embarrassed to heck that I would baby a CAT so much, only to have him nightly chase me down the hall, grab my legs, and attempt to sink his teeth into my calf muscle. I think I've figured it out, though, I think in catbrain, I'm a "peer" to him. Which means the he plays rough and I share my milk. Like good kindergarten friends.
Okay so I am glad that the person above celebrates dog birthday as we did for Fenway and Apollo. Happy Birthday to the St. Bernard. Anywho, Ice-T you should not be afraid of the one-eyed cat. His name is cyclops and he always gives Bailey a hard time and the enemy of your enemy is your friend. ;-)I hope that your Dad did not forget to feed you after your terrible experience. And the good news is you don't have to go back there for a year.
So rallies the little ER family around Sir Ice-T, Esq.! :-)
"My daddy picked me up and held me and hugged me and said nice things to me."

er, you are the biggest. softy. ever.

Don't let that get out. :-)
IT, just ask anyone, I'm a cat lover--especially black cats!

I loved your post. You ought to give your Daddy a break and post more often. I worry about his blood pressure, you know. He gets so worked up over some things. Perhaps if he just stroked you some more it would help.

Now, you have to be nice to Mommy, though I understand the attacking the legs thing. My Twix does it, too. However, you must give credit where credit is due. We wouldn't want Mommy to cut off the cereal supply, now would we?

I hope you've recovered from your "experience."

I laughed so hard that I no longer need to go to the bathroom... except to wash.

Well, speaking of 'Changing the scope of the discussion' ... err ... without pussy footing around that is, might I extend a personal invitiation to visit my new blog,

The latest article deals with our friend, brother Trucker-Tugger's article that you commented on ...


Keep thinkin' ...

What a well-told story! I hope Ice T is feeeling all better by now.

Miss Cellania
Thanks, Miss C. My daddy's writing ability has rubbed off on me. :-)
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