Friday, November 10, 2006


Bad fences make dead neighbors

Four dead in Oklahoma fence dispute.

Have any of y'all ever even come CLOSE to this kind of dispute with a neighbor??

The only trouble I ever had was with noise in neighboring apartments, dealt with the old-fashioned way: by banging on the wall and hollering, "Turn it down!"


Yeah, I wrote that headline. Somebody tell the NYC tabs I could work for 'em!
I was directed here by KEVronius (sp?), after he visited my blog. If you don't mind, I do believe I shall place a link on mine to yours. I have some housekeeping to do, but I shall return. All the best
Oh, I've had lawsuits, restraining orders, and all kinds of shenanigans with my neighbors. The bottom line: I could fight them and win, but it would take thousands of dollars and several years. I don't want to live that life, so I let it go. Now I want to just move.
Welcome, Geoffrey! KEvron is an all-right guy, I think. Like myself, he does not suffer fools gladly.
My wife said at breakfast today that she doesn't understan the fence killings at all. I do however. It is of course RAGE. If you've never been so mad that you can kill someone then you must be a very calm (probably dull) person.
RAGE and then Remorse = murder and suicide. Sometimes it happens when all the stars are line up against you and you accomplish the bad thing (thus disaster: ie: a bad star).
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