Saturday, July 08, 2006


Teditor's hitchin' (and a small bear)

Good friend and regular commenter Teditor is gettin' hitched tonight in Vegas. You can watch the nuptials live here at 7 p.m. Central.

How-to, from Teditor:

"Once you get there, on the right side is a link to "Live Web Cam." Go there, and if you're on at 7 p.m., then go to the "Our Main Chapel" button and watch it live. If you're not available, you can go later to the "July 2006, Wedding Couples" link.

"You'll need RealPlayer, but you can download it free."

Congrats to Teditor. He is 39 and holding and this is his first trip down the marryin' aisle.

For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow -- which bobody can deny!

x x x

Junior the Bear, the ward of Fatman, good friend of regular commenter Drlobojo, has posted pix from his recent trip to Tiny Town in Colorado. Check 'em out. That lil bear is a big hoot, that lil bear is.

x x x

Off to pay bills, deal with dishes, bake a plum pie, maybe mow the yard, maybe deal with a weed patch as high as an elephant's eye in one of the backyard "flower" beds, probably go look at trucks and do some other stuff. Y'all be good.


Yep, check out the Honda Ridgeline. My shadetree Mech says it has a rigid car body on a modified truck frame as well as independent suspension on all fours. He says it sways a bit side to side however.(Sort of like my VW Bus did way back in 1981)
My shadetree also said, "If you drive slow and avoid the potholes most trucks ride just fine."
Oh yes, the Bear says thanks for the promo. The word from Fatman is, "Shit!"
Well, yer shadetree wadn't talkin' about a 4WD and he wadn't considerin' the aches and pains accompanyin' a broken hip.
I think I'm goinna look into air-ride seats first.
Could just get a giant gyroscope and put it in your truck.
Stay away from 4 wheel independent suspension unless you like rolling over. That's why so many rollovers these days. If you get into a slide you need that straight axle to keep you upright.
Good info, anon.

This place that might be able to talk to me about air-ride seats was closed by the time I got there today. Sigh.
Well now, the wedding was very nice, despite the quality of the technology. Our little boy is a grown-up married man now! Best wishes to the couple!
Hot diggity! I just saw Teditor get hitched!

That pixeley blob on the left was my friend, Teditor! The lovely pixeley gal on the right, I don't know!

But I saw it live -- L-I-V-E -- thanks to the wonders of modren technology!

Is A'murka great or what? :-)

Yay for Teditor and Mrs. Teditor!

3x(Hip, hip hurrah)!
Paw Paw, Oklahoma
The "Church" party is over at 11:36pm
I hope I'm not to late to offer my congratulations and wish the newly married couple many decades of health and happiness together.
My wife and I did our 39th this year. Just think you'll be 78 when that happens for you guys.

Thanks for the well wishes. It was wonderful. It was quick, too. We haven't seent he Web cam thingy magij yet, but we watched the DVD when we got home.

Six whole minutes. Now that's my kinda weddin'.

Truthfully, I was very impressed with the ceremony. The minister said the right words. I cried (Yep, I a big, ol' pixely blob on the left -- with the bald spot, I've since learned -- is actually a big, ol' pixely sap).

Fortunately, ya couldn't tell on the video. :-) Oops, I guess I just let the cat outta the bag.

Our flight outta Vegas was delayed, so we didn't get home until 3 a.m. -- but it was only 1 a.m. in Vegas. Thankfully, I tweren't plannin' on goin' in to work anytime early today.
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