Monday, July 10, 2006


Spirit of Earnhardt

This is some sort of NASCAR sacrilege, I know, but what Jeff Gordon did yesterday was a very Earnhardtian (Dale Sr.) thing to do.

But Jeffy-poo is still a sissy boy.

Read all about it, from the Beckley, W.Va., Register-Herald (I go potluck on my racin' sources ...)


Rubbin' is racin'!
I like Jeff Gordon. Typical that you wouldn't like him. He is a Christian. Earnhardt is just like his Daddy. A dirty racer. Figures that you would like him. Birds of a feather.
Right on, Becky!

Anonymous, you'd gripe at me no matter *what* I blogged. LOL.

Interesting that I've never seen any mention of very many drivers' faith life -- but I'm pretty sure the Earnhardt's are Lutherans. (not sure about that).

And just stop your garden-variety lie underlying your comment. I'm a Christian. OK, more of a Jesusian.

I've always seen this NASCAR fadup as sort of like the Roman Gladiators of the 21st Century.
With the roar of the crowd and screams of the beast and people relatively speaking The Collosium's were the loudest most dangerous thing going in Roman times.
NASCAR fills that bill today.
So I was trying to conjure a Christian Gladiator and a Christian NASCAR driver. Couldn't get either of them into the concept range.
As Becky said "Rubbin' is racin'!"
Puting your life on the edge of oblivion and risking the lives of others as well with your competitive actions and to do it all for fame power money and more money doesn't seem to have a Christian underpinning. Just try to picture Jesus in a Helmet in ole number 3 racin up a storm. Whoops I guess Dr. ER's already been there. Sorry. Maybe God is a racing fan. It does clean the streets a bit after all.
"Jesusian." I like that.

Don't let cowardly anonymous commentors get ya down.
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