Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Indian trust case to get new judge

This is gut-wrenching to anyone who knows anything about Indian affairs in this country. Justice delayed is justice denied -- for more than 100 years.

They should rerelease and update Helen Hunt Jackson's famous work and rename it "Centuries of Dishonor."



... an appeals court ordered the removal of a judge who had repeatedly vowed to expose a cabinet level agency whose "spite" he said, has led it to turn its "wrath" on trust beneficiaries and engage in "willful misconduct," "iniquities," "scandals," "dirty tricks," and "outright villainy."

The removed judge had called the Interior Department "a dinosaur -- the morally and culturally oblivious hand-me-down of a disgracefully racist and imperialist government that should have been buried a century ago, the last pathetic outpost of the indifference and anglocentrism we thought we had left behind."

(And that is inaccurate how? -- ER)

Read all about it.

Read the opinion of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, the latest development in the infamous Cobell case.

Without any understanding of the case specifics I still find the judge's statement an accurate depiction of the government's policy toward America's native peoples.

America's really good at destroying what it doesn't understand only to replace it with something the victim finds horrendously unpalatable.

Make of that last statement what you will... I'm sure I'm thinking of something completely different.

Well, the first part sounds like a good Georgian who knows his state's history. :-)

Tsa La Gi.
An outspoken judge like this one would just give the Feds grounds for appeal if indeed they ever lost the case. This is a straight up case of mis-appropriated funds and fraud with several parallel crimes by the Government. It has cross Party lines and is non-partisan in its corruption. There is no way that the Feds will ever pay the tribes back the actual amounts that they squandered of their rightful monies in land sales and mineral royalities. But they just migh get a good portion of it "eventually". Then again their are actors in the case that want all of "their" land back. Now that is certainly not goung to happen, especially when you may have a dozen tribes claiming the same land.
If I were the Administration I wouldn't be too eager to move the case to another judge. I would have left it with this one. Better the devil you know than the one you don't know.
Love these type cases. They take for ever and generally die with a whimper rather than a big blast.
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