Monday, July 03, 2006


Hot grriilllling action!

I am on a mission to grill three days in a row, if not four! Hey, what else's a premature empty-nester gonna do on this greatest of American holidays!

(My trusty Weber is like this one only mine has a side table.)

Last Saturday:

Steak sandwiches -- thin ribeyes rubbed with Montreal seasoning on toasted oblong buns dressed with a sauce of 1 part salsa, 1 part sour cream and 1 part thinly chopped green onions and a couple of leafs of lettuce.

Sides: Beer-soaked, bacon-wrapped large shrimp, bacon-wrapped scallops; corn on the cob.


Three kinds of chicken: Lowry's, Montreal rub, Kraft honey barbecue sauce.

Sides: Dr. ER's grandma's grandma's potato salad; pickled cucumbers; (gaspacho[sp], Dr. ER-style (not pureed, and with corn), available, but I had some for lunch, so passed at supper.


Thick burgers (probably with beef-and-onion soup mix mixed in); and some regular Oscar Mayers.

Tomorrow (maybe):

Hmmm. I'm runnin' out of livestock to cook! Maybe salmon, then. Maybe not. Coworkers recommended swordfish! Never had swordfish! Wonder where to get it around here ...

What culinary treats do you have in store for yourselves and your loved ones for the Independence Day holiday?? Do tell!


Can you say, "Hello, Mr. Bratwurst!"
Or how about "Howdy, Pork Tenderloin! How YOU doin' Mr. Brisket?"

Avalon's Seagood Market, east side of May, somewhere south of Britton.

"Pleased to meet ya, Mr. Swordfish!"

Swap fish for burgers and dogs today. Burgers tomorrow.

Oh, did either of you journalists notice that I wrote "leafs" of lettuce? Hoot.

Their just re are note enugh editrs in this World. ;(;
LOL. Can't top typoin' a smiley!
Eh. If we tried to flag every typo and boo-boo in Blogworld, we'd have to shut the whole system down. Maybe I will point out that you typed "Seagood" instead of "Seafood." Then again, maybe it is just that good. See? Good!
Hey, I just realized ... if I set a hibachi in the middle of my Weber kettle, I'd have ... this is gonna be bad ...


... Grills Gone Bad! ... yukyuk
Hush now, or Bobby Flay will find a way to make buckets of money off that bad pun!
Err, as I like to call ya, I quit editin' ya months ago ... AT YOUR REQUEST!

Can you say, "Heart attack!"

Seriously, sounds like a eatin' good time.
Hey, El, I just ate a grilled entre loaded with omega fatty acids, whatever the heck they are! :-) That's good, isn't it?
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