Saturday, July 15, 2006


Dream doggerel: Daddy ER

There you weren't, Daddy.

You weren't at your place at the table.

You weren't on your side of the bed.

You weren't at your desk.

You weren't in your recliner.

You weren't outside, not in the big barn, not in the milkhouse.

You weren't on a tractor, not on the John Deere, not on the Massey-Ferguson.

You weren't in the Ford pickup, not in the one with the fuel tank.

You weren't in the big truck.

You weren't anywhere you used to be.

And there you weren't in my dream.


(Daddy ER died in March 1989. No idea what triggered this dream.)

Ready to make a BIG decision about your life and he's not around to ask about it.
You might be right, Drlobo. I'm in a small cloud of big decisions. Joining Mayflower was the biggest decision I'd made since decidin' to ask Dr. ER to marry me.

You know, when I was writin' farm and ranch news in Texas, his absence was an every-day thing. I very often wished he was around then so I could call and ask him stuff.
Oh, yeah, I feel like that about my Dad. I wish I had let him know how much I needed him when he ws here.
Dreams like that are sad.
What would your Daddy say about George W. going mountain biking in Russia two days in a row while while Israel is starting a Middle Eastern War?
He'd say it's none of our business.
I have no idea. I don't know what Daddy ER's politics were, to be honest. I don't think he worried too much about the kinds of things that get me riled up. So, Anon might be right.
Israel "starting a Middle Eastern War" -- where has your supposedly educated self been since 1948 when the Arab world declared it would annihilate Israel and all Jews and has proceeded to work on it steadily ever since that date?
Daddy ER didn't worry about things he couldn't do anything about. Not even rain or wind, really. He just figured if it's supposed to it will. Course one winter when he had the time he read the bible as a book, that is from front to back. I have done the same since he told me he had. It makes more sense that way than the way preachers and sunday school teachers jump all over the place trying to make a point.
That's kind of the impression I got, Brudder.

Anon, the Arabs' 1948 declarations weren't too terribly unlike the declarations made by the Indians who protested the incursions of We, the People, across the Northern Plains in the 1840s. And that didn't get simmered down too much until 1890 when Sitting Bull was murdered while in custody, by some of his own people working for the Army, and the Indian Messiah Wovoka proved to be a false one -- him and the bullet-proof shirts.

Point being: 1948 was a snap of the fingers ago. Not that that's when it even got started over there in modren times. See Zionism and Wikipedia, especially the 19th-century part.
By the way, your original entry was a poetic and thoughtful ode to your father. The "doctor's" comment was completely out of context and uncalled for on this particular post. Felt it needed a response. However, no need to look up Zionism in Wikipedia. When you have interviewed people on both sides of the Jordan for 20 years, studied the subject from each point of view and written articles about it, you can then make your decision, rather than using a broad stroke condemnation as Drlobo did.
And, sorry, comparing it to the Indian tradgedy is comparing apples to oranges (as they say in deep philosophical discussions).
I think more comparisons should be made between the way this country dealt with native tribes and the way it and other Westernized nations deal with Middle Eastern tribal peoples, myself. It's more like comparing Red Delicious to Granny Smiths or something, rather than apples to oranges, I think.

In Drlobo's defense, I think he meant "start ... a war" in the sense of taking the violence of the present generation back to the levels of the previous one. But he can speak for himself.

Oh, and thanks for the kind words regarding my daddy dream doggerel.
I've not been a friend of the Israeli mentality since back in the 1967 war when I read the Critic that came through our site in Ethiopia from the USS Liberty, that it was being attacked by Israeli gun boats in international waters while the stars and strips were plainly flying above her. Much later on we finally learned that they attacked her multiple times and killed 30 plus Naval Security Group sailors because they thought the Liberty was monitoring their execution of the Egyptian POWs in the Sinai. The Liberty however was tasked at the time with the Syrian cases. The murder of the Egyptians was being coverd by our Air Force Security Service flying out over the Red Sea. So the Israelis killed our people for nothing.
At any rate,it is not 1948 or 1967 any more is it.
Israel is an Atomic Power with a strong Masada Complex and nobody who will slap their hand when needed. Who ever strikes the match in the ammo dump in my book is the one who "starts" the war.
Who should be the adult in the Middle East?

AS for your disingenuious remark:
"By the way, your original entry was a poetic and thoughtful ode to your father. The "doctor's" comment was completely out of context and uncalled for on this particular post. Felt it needed a response." Would you have lauded ER's poetic comments except for my little faux pas?
Say Cheese, mouse.
Actually, it may come as a surprise to you, but the reason we come to this site is to read ER's writing, not to read your continuous and often unfounded ranting. In this case, it shows a bias that some of the media often fosters. The almost every day "suicide bombers" who for years have been stopped at the border and, by the way, are targeting civilians rather than military targets, are not mentioned. And small note is taken of the ones who get through and blow up schools and buses full of other innocents.
Meanwhile, we will not respond again. You tend to demean and make fun of anyone who disagrees with you, which says a lot about you. Not a true debater, more of a bully mentality.

Not your usual anonymous.
For what it's worth, the host (myself) thinks Drlobo's voice is an important one in the Erudite Redneck Roadhouse.

He's a cranky old sumbitch a lot. But there's life experience behind it that is worth listening to. IMHO.

Plus, unlike some 'Mouses, he doesn't just weight in on things that he wants to deride.
Cranky ole experience....hell ER I' just a poor boy off'in the Red River, son of a share cropper, and poor white trash at that...You know I make this stuff up...I'd wouldn't pull the scabbs off of actual wounds just to post shit here would I?
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