Sunday, July 16, 2006


Dr. ER has split!

Dr. ER hauled out of here yesterday. Just packed her bags, grabbed her laptop and split. Took my cat even!

Said the environment in the ER household had become unbearable. Said she deserved better. Left it to me to work things out. Said that Friday night was the last straw. I'd never seen her so hot and red in the face!

We even sought professional help. Smoothed things over for awhile. But it didn't take long for the problem to heat back up. We couldn't stand to even be physically close to each other.

It made me very, very sad.

:-( :-( :-(

But the air-conditioning repair guy is coming back today.

Of all times for the AC to go out! Hottest days of the year so far. It was 103 yesterday evening -- and 83 inside the house.

Dr. ER, bein' the whitest white girl I've ever known, couldn't stand it and is in a nice cool hotel room with Ice-T (his first Big Adventure since going with me in the truck last December to go through a drive-though.) Had breakfast with her this morning.

Dr. ER, the sissy, is stayin' there tonight, too, 'cause she ain't comin' back to the house until the AC is fixed and she *knows* it's fixed!


Good for her! Stay cool, good Dr. E.R., and keep the "ice" in Ice-T. He deserves to be a cool cat.
You guys are both wusses. When we lived in Palm Springs, where the temperature was routinely over 120 at this time of the year, our A/C went out for three days. I would jump in the shower, fully clothed, every 10 minutes and then lie down and moan in front of the fan.

Mrs. Toper even forced the cat into the sink for twice-hourly soakings ...
Note which one of us is here guardin' the fort! Dr. says I can stand the heat 'cause I got a little Indian in me. She most definitely does not.
standing o!

dood, you had me hook line and sinker! well played, bub!

LOL. Thankyewvurramuch, Kev!
Excellent tease!
And it's *only* gonna cost $2,000 to fix. Hoo boy.
Ahahaha. You scared the crap out of me! I don't blame her -- the last time my AC went out, I did the same thing. Got a great night's sleep at the local Mariott.

Professional help is always a good thing.
Two grand's a lot better bargain than if she really left you for something other than a hot house ... : )
Why didn't you go WITH her?
Gosh darn you! I almost lost my
teeth. ( they are not false)
I was up outta my chair. You know
I take heart pills. Had to take

Got ya I didn't have to take any
pills. But I did scream across the
room at work.."Oh my God, my friends wife just walked out on
him". Then had to back peddle
The good news is it's fixed. New compressor.

The bad news is it cost $2,100. Sigh.
Damn it boy, I's just about to jump in my car and come check on you. That'll be enough of that.
Sorry to hear about your loss, ER.

Can I have her phone number? :-)
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