Sunday, July 09, 2006



Sigh. Bird's car! The Mazda is living with us for the summer. Bird and her YankeeBeau are spending the summer with his parents in their new home in suburban Houston.

They saw Skynyrd and Shooter Jennings and some other cool acts at a concert last night. Bird sent pix. I wonder how YankeeBeau reacted to the big morphed American-Confederate flag they had on a huge screen behind the stage?

Ahhh, he's pretty cool. He's never given me crap for the battle flag, or the Stars and Bars, I have tacked to my home office ceiling (strictly for historical and personal heritage purposes).


Hey, we really missed ya. Saturday
was not as long as it used to be.
But good none the less.

I am so blessed with good true
friends. Some people go there whole
lives with out what we all have.

Tell Bird I am jealous. I would
have loved to be at the concert.

Tell Dr Er get well soon.
Me too!

Will do. Will do.
Slip a battle flag liscenes tag on the front of Bird's car and see what Yankee beau says.
I don't know. I just found out yesterday that YankeeBeau's dad was born in Virginia ...
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