Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Yankee test (Dixie test)

My score: "97 percent Dixie -- is General Lee your grandfather?"

Take it, y'all! Then tell us'ns how y'all scored!

-- ER

"....is General Lee your grandfather?"

an uncle, actually. no, really.

oh, and 48%....

57% Dixie. Barely in Dixie
"39% Dixie. You are definitely a Yankee."

Thank God!
"74 percent. Your neck is a little pink." :-)
Here's an outrageous surprise ... Would have been even lower had I not spent those two years in Texas with the likes of you, ER ...
Oh, I forgot to actually put my score in there ...

34% Dixie. You are definitely a Yankee.
Dang, Nick, you're more Yankee than me.
71% Dixie. I'm not surprised. Born and raised in a border state, every other state considers Kentucky in "the other" category.

Now if they had a "hillbilly test", I'd blow that away!
Just call me pink neck. 79%
Say do you guys from Texas not know that a "doodle bug" is an "Ant Lion" and not a rolly polly/pill bug, jeez?
Oh yes, and as for Robert E. Lee, 5th cousin by marriage to the Custis Gal on my Mamma's side of the family. One thing about the South, sooner or latter we are all kin.

And I strongly disagree about the use of "Coke", it is very Southern.
91% Dixiebelle.

Five generations of my kin are buried in Hatfield, Arkansas -- and I have to admit, I never heard of a doodle bug. We always called it a rolly polly. :)
A surprising 86% from here in Louisville, KY - that great Border City.
18% Dixie. Wow! You are a Duke of Yankeedom!

Not surprising considering I'm Canadian.
Well hot dang...I am 100% dixie
was there ever a doubt. My sweet
momma raised me right.
Oh, and those little bugs... We called them "woodchucks" because they were frequently found under rotting trees and garden debris.
Wow! JD, you are a peach!
89% Dixie (I apparently should still have confederate money). And another vote for roly-poly; I've never heard doodle bug except as a nickname.
"97 percent Dixie -- is General Lee your grandfather?"

Really, no surprise there. Jeannie, Crystal, ER and I all grew up in the same town. Of course, we're Dixie. Such a shame that everyone isn't, poor things. :)
I've been through said hometown, and I'm not quite so sure the pit stop to pee wasn't the best thing to be encountered there. Sheesh!

73% Dixie. I am "a little pink" as well. Also from the beautiful commonwealth of Kentucky.

Glad to see ya, SuperB! You should come 'round more often! This joint needs yer voice! :-)
Ahem, Teditor.

Has ER told of my love for guns, explosives and other incendiary devices? The only thing I like even better is using them suckers to pick off podunks who zoom along the Interstate with their noses so high up in the air that they get a bushel of splattered bugs down their throat.

In Christian fellowship,

Tech :)
I got 100% Dixie! Am I a hick or what?...lol
Yer a Confederate-American! Yee haw! :-)
100% yall,
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