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How bad have I got it? Hoo hoo. I bought this here book at the grocery checkout line to read to Ice-T!

It's just about a year now since Bird walked in with a pitiful little kitty, scrawny, eat up with fleas, with a shoulder injury from a street fight and declared, "God gave us a cat!"

Indeed. Ice-T has been a constant companion for Dr. ER lo, these past several months of homeboundness, as she recovers from a broken hip and other maladies. And I continue to be embarrassed at how hard I have fallen for the critter.

My bleeding heart ...


You, my friend, are a SAP. Mix it with 'mater sauce, and you've got CATSAP.

Will you be singing kitty lullabies, too? And serving little kitty cookies and milk before night-night?
Trix, now that's funny right there, no matter who ya are!

I'm tryin' to picture ER carin' for the little feline. Him givin' smoochy sounds and luvyduvy talk. But all that comes to my mind's eye involvin' the big ol' bearded, big ol' boy, big ol' southerner is, "This here kitty cat dangsure is full of lovin', mah dear sugar-dumplin' pie honey pot. Dangsure has fun little claws 'n' such. Where's my spittoon?"

this post nearly made me slip into a diabetic coma.....


ooh! da kitty!
Don't forget to tag that with the infamous Hank Hill's "I tell you whut."
D'ya'll remember the old cartoon with the big musclely bulldog that found a lil abandoned kitty? The lil critterlet took all the bark out of the big ol' dog. The kitty clawed and stretched his fleshy dog back, makin' a bed -- with the canine sweatin' and grimacin' and ouching and carryin' on until the feline settled down.

That's me and Ice-T. :-)

Greater machismo has no man than this: That he lay down his manliness before the world, to love on his kitty cat.

! ;-)
(GGGGAAAAAGGGGG!!!) Yer makin' me yak, ER.

Don't mind Teditor. He's got alittle Mississippi Leghound in him. He's just yakkin' on a bone!
Uh, I hope y'all realize I don't actually read the book to Ice-T. :-)
Yeah, right, ER, suuuuure you don't.
My question to you, ER, is this: Does Ice-T read to you? And if so, what types of medication are you on?
I sing to my cats, so I honestly see no problem with you reading to yours. Plus, he is a cute little varmint.

How is Dr ER feeling these days? I hope she is mended and well.

Dr. ER still on the mend. Trip back from Texas last Sunday -- the windy way I took, stoppin' here and there to read historical markers and such -- like to done her in. :-(

But she made it to a work meeting at 8 a.m. this morning for this first time since last year! I got up at 5 a.m. to make sure she got up and around and she'd done beat me and had the coffee going!
Nick, I DO carry Ice-T to the back window, so he can look outside, purt-near every morning. He *thinks* he wants to go out there, but every time I try to ooch him outside, he climbs up my head.

Ice-T is a fraidy-cat!
BTW, Teditor, I am jonesin' for a rodeo for some reason. The nearest one this weekend is a two-bit to-do at Medicine Lodge, Kan. If I were 15 years younger, and if I were single, I'd cut out of work early Friday and haul it up there for the 8 p.m. rodeo. It looks like it's only about a three-hour drive. Sigh ...
ER, head on down to Wynnewood. IPRA, but I reckon it'll be better than the one in Medicine. Of course, it's next week -- July 6, 7 and 8.

You can come up my way this weekend and enjoy some good ol' K.C. barbecue and other sites in Kansas City for the Kansas City Pro Rodeo at the Benjamin Ranch. I'll likely be headin' that way, depending on whether i get the lawn mowed and all that jazz.

If I could, and what I'd recommend, is haulin your big ol' self to the beautiful country of Greeley, Colo., for the Independence Stampede. Short go-round is always on July 4. Great rodeo, and Beutler & Son Rodeo Co. of Elk City, Okla., is providing the stock.
Dang. I'm headin' to Mama ER's weekend after the Fourth ... Greeley's, what? SIX hours? Eesh.
From your house, ER, to Greeley is about four hours. Your drive to the airport, your flight to Denver, your drive from the Denver airport to Greeley.

From your house, ER, to Greeley is about 8-9 hours. Go north to Salina, Kan., take a left, exit right at the I-470 turnpike bypass westbound to I-25, and take it north until you get to the Greeley exit, which is Highway 34. It's right there. Ya can't miss it.

I'd go, I guarantee it, if I tweren't headin' to Vegas the following weekend to get all hitched up.
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