Thursday, June 01, 2006


Giblets and other adult beverages

Last night, I was trying to remember the name of the drink that has gin (or vodka) and lime juice.

"Hey, Dr. ER! What's that drink that has gin (or vodka) and lime juice? A giblet?" Of course, I reached into my mind, such as it is, to retrieve "gimlet" and picked up "giblet" instead.

But it got me to thinking. What would a drink called the Giblet have in it?

Hmm. I'd say 2 parts gin (or vodka) to 1, or 2, parts chicken bouillon, with a dash of Tabasco, half-dash of worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper. Garnished with a jalapeno-stuffed olive and celery stick.

What do y'all think? Makes me think of the bullshot.

Name *your* poison. What's your favorite adult beverage? What's your favorite cocktail for anytime? For summer? Winter?

If you don't imbibe, then name your non-poison!


Hot weather, ice-cold Miller Lite. Cold weather, port.

Anytime, Beefeater or Hendricks martini with bleu-cheese-stuff olives, sprinkle of pepper. Anytime, George Dickel, rocks. Anytime, but rarely (since Dr. ER can't stand the smell of the stuff), Dewar's scotch (white label), rocks.

Wine, red, shiraz, white, whatever.

Favorite odd drink: oyster shooter, which is a shot of vodka, tomato juice, horseradish, pepper, Tabasco and a raw oyster.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: sweet tea, RC Cola or milk.


Diet Coke and keep it coming!
My favorite quaff is Amstel. Not the light, Amstel.

Drunk in Bonaire. The bar at Captain Don's, where ol' Pegleg himself will regale me with tales of diving in the 60s and 70s, and I can wake up the next morning and get my ass on a boat and dive for an hour or so.
I quit drinking ER. That third hangover taught me.

BUT, if you're ever in Goldsboro stop by this place called Ham's. Order a Grim Reaper and call a cab (or stay in the hotel right next door).

It's eight different shots, all mixed together: Vodka, rum, tequila, triple sec, gin, blue curaco, raspberry liquer, and citrus vodka. Poured over ice.

I was also quite fond of a Raven's Blood: Jameson's and grenadine.

Now, I just drink water. When I do drink coffee (gave up caffeine as well) now, I rather enjoy a raspberry mocha.
Hard stuff:
Tequela over ice.
Rusty Nail (drambui & scotch)
Platt Valley Corn Liquer
B.J. Holiday Private stock
Courvoisier VS Cognac

Fermented grains:
Guinness Stout draft or bottled with a widget.
Any beer with a shot of Jack in it.

Diet Dr. Pepper

Truth be told don't visit that hard stuff much anymore, interfers with all those damn pills I take.
Summer: Tanqueray & tonic with lime (or sometimes mint); Pinot Grigio

Winter: any stout beer--the darker, the better (beer is bread!); pinot noir

Any time: dry gin martini with a twist, preferably with Cascade Mountain gin, but Tanqueray's easier to find; my dad's homebrew; meade

Non-poison: hot tea (green, herbal, roibos, etc); water; Fresca
Fresca! They still make Fresca?

Do they still make Tab?

All the women in my family when I was little, in the '70s, drank nothing but Tab and Fresca and ate nothing but cottage cheese!
Yup, they definitely still make Fresca, though for some reason I can't find it in a 2-litre bottle around here--only in cans.
Oh man. Now I will be on a pilgrimmage for Fresca and Tab. Count me amongst the '70s cottage cheese crowd! Throw in a bowl of cabbage soup, too, please. (GAHHH!!!)
"But it got me to thinking. What would a drink called the Giblet have in it?"

I get more worried about you every day. Now you're thinking about drinking something you ought to be catfishin' with.
That picture reminds me of a greek document I was looking at that showed the layout of a sheep's liver and which part ment what during the devination of the future.

Diet Coke of course.

My Favorite Wine of the moment is "Rancho Zabaco" Red Zinfendell.

My fave sipping drink is Glen Finnegue Scotch. Of course I sip it like once a year. LOL

When I want to get fat and comforted, a Chocolate Malted. Yummy!
Sweet tea. Used to be you could just call it 'tea', but not anymore. Now if you ask for tea at most restaraunts, even in my beloved South, they ask you if you want 'sweet' or 'unsweet'. It's a cryin' shame. But I'll tell ya what's worse than that - I had to go up to Chicago for business this one time. I went in to some swanky steak house that all the locals raved about. Anyway, I ordered a tea and the waitor asked if I'd like it "hot or with ice." I knew I'd lost that battle so I told him to just bring me a Coke.
Drink? Beer

Soft drink? Beer

Hard drink? Beer. (OK, I'd go for a fruity margarita; Weller's and Mountain Dew ... mmmm, reminds me of my high school days)

Non-alcoholic: Beer (I was sensing a pattern, so I just went with it. I'd go with Pepsi)

What would be in a giblet? Capt'n Morgan's Spiced Rum, hot chocolate, Bailey's Irish Creme, shaken, not stirred. Actually, that sounds kinda good.
Anywhere North of Kansas, if you ask for "ice tea" they bring you a glass of tea with some ice in it.
Now damn it don't they know that ice tea is ice with some tea in it. And who ever heard of an 8 oz. glass of Ice Tea. And curse those waiters that just as you've just got the right balance of Ice and Tea and Sweet they come along and dump more lukewarm team into your glass and foul the whole thing up.
What ever you do don't ask for no ice tea in Maine.
that's lukewar tea not team
I like coffee.
I like Southern Comfort.
I like coffee with Southern Comfort.
I like coffee with Amaretto.
I like Amaretto and Southern Comfort. (this is called a Sicilian Kiss)
I also like chai.
How funny. Coffee is such a part of my life I didn't even think of ti when I was thinking of beverages.

Dr. ER has recently discovered chai!
did somebody say "giblets"?

Hot chocolate laced with Bailey's Irish Creme!
Sheesh, Doc, I thought that's what I wrote. Add a little of the Capt'n, anyway. :-)
Knew I'd heard it somewhere.
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