Thursday, June 08, 2006


Furs-things-furs Friday!

I'm a little early. Eh.

Ice-T, King of the ER household!

Bailey, Land Otter! Lord Regent of the Back Yard!

We loves our critters!

(Not pictured: Riker, Viceroy of the Back Yard!)


(P.S. Be thinking: What would you add to the Canon of Scripture? But keep yer Canon powder dry, for the next post ... )

"Land otter", I like that.
Looks like Ice-Tea be a growin a bit.
critters, are such a great gift
for our souls. They love us for
who we are, no expectations.
Ice-T is right at one year old. He was real puny and and runty when "God gave us a cat," as Bird declared. Might he always be a little small? I think he's the purrfect size. But then, I do wuv him. :-)
Jeannie Diane,

Even ER? I mean, really. :-)

I like dogs OK. Keep 'em outta my house, in the yard, that kinda stuff, they're great. Love 'em.

Cats ... farm cats keep the rodents away. That's pretty much it.

Horses ... grand beasts. I love them.

Cows ... steak. Milk. Fun to rope.

Sheep ... Ever watch a kid try to ride a sheep. Fantastic fun.
Goats are fun, too. Barbidos (sp?) are funner.
Teditor, if I could have a horse, I'd have one of those, too. In the meantime, my critter is a feline. :)

I love the picture of Bailey!

Twix says "Hi" to Ice-T. He sure is purrty. :)
Ahem, photos of Ice-T and Land Otter Bailey taken by Dr. ER (I believe ER left those unattributed). Riker is currently indisposed, going through molting, losing his undercoat; he shuns the papparazzi during undercoat shedding time. Oh, and by the way, I had me a rant on my blog today --ER says I have to tell people when I blog so folks will read it. This one might get me in trouble, but what the heck.
Might get ya a comment from a Centcom public affairs specialist.

Did y'all know that their PA guys and gals engage bloggers? Somewhat unnerving. Cool, though. Dr. ER and I are as Murrican as apply pies! :-)
Frenzied, Glad you like kitties and all that. Given your blog name, I reckon you have a passion for felines. I'm glad that works for you.

Maybe my mother's bias against kittens was passed along to me or I came up with my own, but I can't recall ever even liking cats. Maybe it's the whole "Can't have animals in the house" thing Mom believed in, and cats seem to be house animals for the most part.

Dr. ER, I read your entry. Nice work. Of course, I just adore M*A*S*H references.
Well, then the compliment goes to you, Dr. ER. Nice pics of the critters.

Teditor, that explains your like for outdoor animals. I like most animals, just wouldn't have them all as pets. If I had the room and the money for upkeep, I'd have me a horse or three. :)
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