Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Air Ribs! Meat from Heaven

What's yer favorite barbecue joint?

This one, the County Line, is now, officially, mine, since they have opened up a joint less than a mile from the house, with a decent bar, to boot!

Tonight's repast was a three-rib meal with Gerrman-mashed taters and slaw -- with leftovers. The doc had a smoked peppered turkey salad, and I had a couple of right-fine margaritas while I waited to git it to go. Dude.

My other faves include Bedlam Barbecue in Oklahoma City, the Bar-L (RIP) in Wichita Falls, Texas, and Wild Horse Mountain Barbecue south of Sallisaw, Okla.


Dougan's Bar-B-Que in Ponca City. There's a wealth of pretty good 'q places up there, but my absolute favorite is Dougan's. I'm planning a pilgrimmage with friends soon. I have to prepare -- I like to make it worth the trip.
Well darn!

Your asking a well traveled Chef and I can't place a restaurant in a city!So I guess I have to give you my all time favorite kind of BBQ and maybe a new one that I think has promise in my books.

North Carolina BBQ! I love mingling flavors of smoked pork, vinegar, and tomato, with the sweet of a good cole slaw. YUMMY!

I did have my first BBQ SMoked Ribs in Detroit Memorial Day Weekend.

There is a great place Called Eastern Market (OH I'm new to Detroit) Miles of everything.

The Feedbag was a bunch called Tony's BBQ (A Motown Bunch) and featuring "Tony's BBQ Sauce"

Well, the first surprise was that these people were slow smoking and then roasting the Racks from the beginning and OUTSIDE in drum smokers and BBQ's. Real officionados.

This stuff was Great. I have tried many many BBQ sauces. I have maybe become jaded by the same flavors over and over again. This stuff had a interesting flavor. The sugar wasn't so over powering and the spices were pretty updated.

On the whole the sauce didn't over power the flavor of the pork meat. Yummy!
Food, God, and Politics, how the cat doing?
There's this little hole in the wall in Beaumont, Texas I just lurv for getting me some BBQ. Can't recall the name, but dayum it's good.
Best ribs for me is at a gyro place in Oak Park, IL called mickey's gyros. inexpensive and eat with a fork tender, eat em with your hands good.

Second, Robinsons Ribs also in Oak Park. Winner of the first Mike Ryko rib Festt in Chicago.
"brother in-law's" (now called "lily's) on divisidero (san fran). the brisket is to die for.

that's my favorite joint, but my buddy mike makes the best barbeque in cali. slooowly smoked brauts, pork ribs and shoulder joint are his specialty. and the sauce! so freakin' hot, it literally makes your cheeks sweat. literally. sweat.

and his chili! nothing from a can or bag; he spends a day just roasting the chilis....

"Adam's Ribs. Just off the Dearborn Street Station."

"I'm from Joliet. I'd crawl on my knees in the snow for a take-out order."

-- M*A*S*H

Not so big on barbecue. Gimme a big, thick, juicy steak, plain with a loaded baked potato any day. But on those days I'm hankerin' for good barbecue, I don't believe you can beat Gates in Kansas City.
Mike Royko Rib Fest? That *Has* to be great!

And home-roasted chilis! Dude.

Teditor, your ambilvalence toward barbecue might be the only flaw in yer character. :-)
OK, now you've created a post I don't mind commenting on. You can take what I say on this subject to the bank since I happen to be a BBQ expert.

The best BBQ I have ever had (And I have had lots) is at Oklahoma Joe\'s
on the corner of Mission Rd and County Line Rd in Kansas City Kansas. Tedotor is close...Gates is very good, but IMHO, Oklahoma Joe's is better.

Here in Maryland, most folks idea of BBQ is grilling some meat and slathering it wih BBQ sauce, but a new placve opened up recently that rivals Kansa City BBQ restaurants in taste and quality. It is called Redneck Ribs, and it is nothing more than a small storage shed modified to look like a cottage and 2 large smokers on a trailer, situated on a vacant lot.

They will move to a real building before the year is out if the crowds that gather there every day, all day, are any indication of popularity.

Sheila, Carolina BBQ is good, but doesn't hold a candle to Kansas City style.
Hey, Mark.

Of course, I like the names of both of those joints. :-) I think Oklahoma Joe's makes and sells smokers around here, too. I think I've seen them at Ace Hardwares.
Tain't my only flaw, ER. Buddies often wonder if I'm ill. I just don't have a sweet tooth like a lot of folks, so the sauce is often a little sweet for my taste.

That's why I like Gates' sauce. A little kick to it. Not sweet at all.

The love of my life -- and her entire freakin' family, for that matter -- is all about the sweet. Ketchup on dang near everything. Corn and mashed potatoes, not without mixin' it together and with ketchup all over. Goulash. Not without sugar and ketchup.

I gotta add tons of picante and pepper to even it out.

Now as to other flaws ... well, the love of my life's learnin' 'em every day. :-)
Oh, and ER, I'm surely disappointed you didn't make reference to my M*A*S*H note. Sheesh!
drlobojo said...
Leo's NE 36 street OKC. Go at lunch.Go in a group of four or more. Be sure to go early enough that they still have a selection and do have a piece of their bananna cake.

10:27 PM
Yeah! Leo's! King of OKC!

Found a new place recently, R.J.'s Smokehouse near me on NW 23 in OKC. The secret's in the sauce ... a hint of cinammon.
You know that one thing these comments didn't take into account is dry or wet. I get into long discussions over whether the ribs should be slathered with sauce, or just rubbed. Me - I like enough sauce that you need at least a whole roll of paper towels when you are done.
LOL. I prefer dry-rubbed, so juicy you don't need sauce. But, I like a dab of sauce if needed. :-)
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