Monday, May 29, 2006


Steak of the Union

It's not quite the image of Jesus in a honey bun or anything, but this here ribeye steak came off Mama ER's grill last night just like this -- only Florida, which *was* a little bit more pronounced, curled up some before I could get the camera out and snap this shot. :-) The taters in this work of culinary art represent Alaska and Hawaii, I reckon.

Mama ER is still hospitalized, and probably will be for a few/several more days. She is getting a little better each day, though.


I'm glad your mama's getting better.

(Hawaii's not up north like that--nor is Alaska. I reckon what you're looking at there is Saskatchewan and Alberta.)
Glad your mom is improving. I'm sure it did her well to see her baby boy.

Believe my mom used to have some plates just like that one there...
Thanks, B.

GP, I would not be surprised!
Hope Mama ER continues to mend. Hope that you are okay, too. Sick parents is a very stressful kind of thing.

Hey I went to your sweet momma.
I guess I missed you by about
an hour. It was good to sister
#2 and big brudder. Can you
believe the 1st words outta his
mouth. Whats up with the grey
hair. hummm! I had to go out and
dye my hair back brown.( ha just
Glad to hear she is doing better.
Tell him, "My hair might be turnin' gray -- but it ain't turnin' loose!" Then duck. ;-)
And, man, that steak looks GOOOOD! Whatever state it's in.
LOL--love the gray hair comeback. I've passed it along to DH who has a full head of gray hair and is teased by our completely bald bishop. :)

I, too, am glad to hear your mom is doing better.
I'm glad to hear your Mama's doing better, too. I know seeing you must have lifted her spirits.
Show your ma that picture of a mutilated steak and she'll crawl out of bed and come home in self defense.
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