Thursday, May 25, 2006


Introducing Mr. F. Post


Mr. Post will hold down the ER fort through most of the holiday weekend, since Dr. ER and I are heading to Arkansas tomorrow to see Mama ER. Pancreatitis and a gall stone, it turns out. On the lighter side, I think I'll get to do some mowin' on Brother ER's new tractor, which I haven't rid yet, so that'll be fun. I'll check in here today from work some, but after that, y'all try not to kill each other, 'k? Wish us well and keep Mama ER and us in mind.

Meet Mr. Fence Post!

It is said around these parts, of people who do nothing but complain -- and of those who will not be swayed from their preconceived notions come reason, facts, rhetoric, hell or high water -- that they would "argue with a fence post."

Here's yer chance! Mr. Post is all ears!

What's yer gripe? Lay it at the feet of Mr. Post. Open thread, as they say.

Photo by ER at Roman Nose State Park near Watonga, Okla. Read about Chief Roman Nose here.


I need a job. I have no documented skills besides 24 years in radio. So I will have to move, sell the house, and I don't even know where I want to go.
You know those idiots who claim that September 11 was an inside job?

Most unfortunte! However, with 24 years in radio, should be able to disect it and make at least 3 resumes right? That's a great record of consistant employment. Good luck, really!
24 years? I did my internship 30 years ago this summer. And guess what? I made more money then as a know-nothing than I'm making now (granted, I'm freelancing now, but I'm poor! I'm living below the poverty level!) And it's in newspapers rather than radio.

So just wipe that barbed-wire smile off yer ugly mug, Mr. F. Post. I'm fixin' to kick someone's ass and it might be yours!
Oh and another thing, you dumb piece o' wood! Last night I watched the late-night broadcast of Oprah with Elie Wiesel at Auschwitz and then dreamed all night of being in the middle of a 2006 Nazi attack. I was on an Air Force Base and got caught in a battle. I had a weapon which was essentially a wireless computer mouse, but it was loaded with endless supplies of bullets, so every time I clicked I fired a shot. So I was able to remain inconspicuous while I picked off the bad guys, shot down a plane as it was dropping a bomb, and blew up a gasoline truck that was on its way to refuel enemy vehicles. Then I was inside my house on the base and was seeing a friend to the door. By this time it was night time and I was warning her to exercise all caution because "they" would be hiding out there picking people off. As she left, a young girl with a suitcase came up the driveway seeking refuge. I let her in and started to shut the front door. Then I thought "oh, wait, I have to latch the screen first so they can't tamper with the door." As I reached for the little latch hook, I woke myself up laughing at the thought that this little latch hook would do anything to slow down the enemy who had tried to drop a bomb on me earlier in the day.
Do fenceposts have asses -- or just knotholes?
I have a picture of that very fence post. He has that dead wood smile, stuck in the mud posture, and he has his arm around me and is shaking my hand, and is saying, "I hope you enjoy your early retirement."
Oh wait, it might be another post, mine had concintina wire around it.
If there was an ass visable I'll bet Dr. ER took a picture of it.

My Goodness Girl! What a dream....

Both of you look. I don't say follow me, but I was in Broadcast News for 24 years in DC, saw the writing on the wall before the layoffs started after the 1st Gulf War. BIG Layoffs.

I made a great fyling leap into the abyss and struggled for about 5 years untill I knew what my next carreer would be.

I bit the bullet and went back to college for Culinary Arts. I am now a Private Chef and making almost as much as I did in Broadcasting.

Man, I tell you. It was so darned hard and I was broke and I did food banks and got the electricity turned of in the middle of winter, but I did it. As I looked back a couple of years ago, I knew that the hand of God was guiding me.

I just wanted to give you a little hope and I hope you both will do well in your life!
Ugh, money woes. Grad school on a tiny salary is my monkey at the moment.

My gripe, though, would be the idjits in Congress who think that regurgitation of facts and censoring the Internet are better ideas than teaching kids critical thinking and evaluation skills. They wail about how horrible the world is, out to get their precious kids, then refuse to give those same kids the skills they need to survive.

The ability to evaluate information, a firm grasp of the principles of rhetoric and logic, and the ability to communicate your ideas are such fundamental skills, you'd think they'd never have gone out of style. But they have.
Sheila--thanks for sharing that. I left a well-paying and secure job in order to go back to school. It's always good to hear from others who have made such a leap. Gives me hope!
Kiki said:
"The ability to evaluate information, a firm grasp of the principles of rhetoric and logic, and the ability to communicate your ideas are such fundamental skills, you'd think they'd never have gone out of style. But they have."

Another direct consequence of "No Child Left Behind!" After all you can't test for those skills with a multiple-choice-machine-gradable test whose results can be dumbed down so that term limited politicians can understand them, and then purchase the needed test oriented textbooks to address the kids' failures.

Did you say something Mr. Post? Oh, that was just your reaction to a beetle crawling up your ass you say.
"Next time on Oprah...Elie Wiesel dances on the graves of 6 million Jews...."
drlobojo said...
Another direct consequence of "No Child Left Behind!" After all you can't test for those skills with a multiple-choice-machine-gradable test whose results can be dumbed down so that term limited politicians can understand them, and then purchase the needed test oriented textbooks to address the kids' failures.

My apologies. You might actually have something on the ball...
Carl, the Weisel remark was beyond reprehensible. Even in this free-for-all post.
Might help for people to try to get to know regular commenters here before jumping their shit, and to get a handle on the general zeitgeist of this place before running off at the mouth.
That remark about Mr Weisal a little strong.

I'm hoping that youth played a part in it.

I saw the show yesterday and it had me crying all over again. I went to Dachau in the early 90's and all I can say is....

Everyone should experience one of those camps first hand. It was not only a physical nightmare. It was the most horrific psycolocial nightmare too.

I hope we never see it again.
The National Holocaust Museum in D.C. Make it the last place you go on a tourist trip. You will remember the shoes.
Universal "you," by the way.
Miss C., yer too cute for radio anyway!
We already have, we watched it in the Killing fields of Cambodia. We watched it again in Rawanda, we saw those churches filled with the bones of the dead. We watched for a long time in the Balkans until Europe felt threatend. We are watching it today in the Dafur.
Our sin is, we just watch. Universal "we" by the way.

Is this the Eli Wiesel you guys are talkinng about?
1928--born in Sighet,
1944--deported to
dies in Buchenwald
from concentration
1948--moved to
Paris to study at
the Sorbonne
1948--work in
journalism begins
1954--decides to write
about the Holocaust
Yes, Drlobojo. That Elie Wiesel, who survived being in the concentration camp.
Yes and 47 books later, a Nobel Peace Prize, The single most influence on the US for our holocaust Museum, and THE major influence in the rounding up of Nazi War criminals most of his life.

What a man to behold
Drlobojo--yes, exactly! Standardized tests are the antithesis of learning, and they've been hurting K-12 education in this country for far longer than NCLB. And since they affect what students learn pre-college, they also affect what students are capable of learning in college.

One prime example from my TA days: a first-year student in one of my comp classes who could not consistently write a complete sentence, let alone put together a coherent paragraph. Not only should this young man never have been admitted to college, but the fact that he was allowed to graduate high school is evidence of the failings of our educational system.
I was an R.A. (resident assistant" in a dorm at Oklahoma State 20 years afo. Freshman floor. My floor GPA one semester was less than 2. And it wadn't because most of 'em were s---faced and stoned most of the time (I was, too). Difference was, I learned in high school, and I learned how to learn fast at a juco, and was as prepared as any regular Okie can be by the time I got serioous about college, two years out of school. I think we should require two years of public service just out of high school. Then people can go to college.
3 years of military service no matter the family income or college plans.

Give em some displine and then give em some college and discount it.

A chef! A chef! A chef! A chef!

Pressing question: have you ever used this and why have I never heard of cardoon until this week - it sounds terrific, and winter is such a depressing time for produce.

A chef, he says reverently
Funny you should ask, yes I've used Cardoon before and often. Even have some recipes from Italy. It's great for people who hate the taste of celery.

It's a great tasting veg and I use it in soups, barely cook it and use it for dips, and like I said great sub for celery.

You've probably mistaken it for celery in some Meditarenean dishes.

I can get it here in Detroit of all places, but pretty hard to find unless you have a very high end clientel in your neighborhood or you are living near a large international community.

By the way, Thanks for the compliment.
Dear Friend,

Last week, I wrote asking you to sign a petition telling Senator Frist that "the Senate should be working on real issues - not writing discrimination into the Constitution." More than 40,000 of you responded. Let's reach 50,000 before Congressional recess begins tomorrow.

If you have already signed the petition, please forward an email to your friends and family asking them to add their names. If you have not signed yet please visit:

Republicans are down on the mat and facing an electoral map that is now tilted against them. Bill Frist is hoping to resurrect his leadership and raise his Presidential profile by turning to Karl Rove's playbook of "distort, distract, and divide." It is sad to see that Republicans are willing to sacrifice the Constitution, a sacrosanct document for their short-term political goals.

These tactics will not stop us in 2006. The American people are fed up with the "do nothing Bush Republicans" and pandering to the extreme right wing in their party will do them no good - we will win in November.

Democrats stand ready with real solutions for the country. This Memorial Day, Democrats will be focused on the high gas prices that are squeezing millions of American families. Unfortunately, Bush Republicans would rather focus on purely divisive maneuvers than real solutions that address the growing energy crisis.

However, now we must stand against this desecration of the Constitution. Please sign the petition by visiting:

Thank you,
Harry Reid
I'd make it optional, military service or nonmilitary!!! But public service.
Cardoon? Idn't that a Central African country?

I am a big fan of cilantro, myself. Dr. ER says it tastes like mouthwash to her. Weird.
Dixie Chicks rock!
I'm not a fan of cilantro, either, more than once in a blue moon. I'm the same way about jalapenos. Once every six months I'll get "a few on the side, please." And I'll get my fill with two or three before I call it quits.

My cousin in San Francisco is a chef, trained in Switzerland. When we get together with family in Kansas City (family hub) we usually wind up getting K.C. BBQ. So far I can only give him props for great desserts! I wish we had more time so I could see what his culinary talents really are. Me, I just like to cook but can't dream of being fancy enough about it to ever be a chef.
Actually Er,

The Vegetable is indigenous to Northern Africa and The MED....and didn't you mean Cartoom? LOL
No "public" "service" for the young

Whta's a matter - 18 too early for emancipation for you? After subjecting adoescents to the largely (no wholly) irrelevant degradation of high school, you want them for ANOTHER two years? Awfully convenient position for someone in their 40's to take - you know what's good for
'em, eh? And, of course, those legitimate needs of a society that can't provide for itself without coercing its most powerless members? Why not force people at the END of their working lives to do the 2 years as a condition for collecting the generational Ponzi game of social security - all that wisdom and maturity, and postponing their social parasitism 24 months? Not to mention they've already had the opportunity to have their lives.

And, yeah, military service - as much as I practically support the idea of raising the hurdle for policy makers to wage war by putting their children on the firing line, it seems cruel and unusual punishment to all the rest of the 18 year olds who have better things to do with their lives.

The public - worth even less than the sum of its parts.
Hawaii $17.50
Alaska 15.48
Massachusetts 14.66
Connecticut 14.23
Washington, D.C. 13.99
New York 13.13
New Jersey 12.74
Rhode Island 12.55
California 11.59

Hourly Wage Equivalent of Welfare
oh Stockman......It's not cruel and unusual punishment to induce disapline on the young...LOL I did and I get farther than most. We have a lot of younguns that need some direction. AND by the way, disapline doesn't mean beatings. LOL

Most change their major in college 46 times and thousands of dollars before they figure it out anyway.
In the year 2000 the actual number of times an undergraduate student changed majors was 3.6 times. The average number of semester hours it took a student who did not drop out to graduate in this fair state was 146 smemster hours when the dgree requires 124.
I had 226 undergraduate hours acquired in 9 years (four of those years shared with the Army) ( oh yes and a little bit with the Airforce) before I finally got my bachelors.
If you go to college just to make more money it is better not to go.
For two thirds of those who go to college it is a waste of time and money and I am not sure society can afford to tolerate it much longer.
I think all college cost should be paid by the State and only those with Academic Merit should be allowed in the doors.

As for standardized test. I have nothing against them they can be very useful. I think as a dianogistic tool they are god sent at times. However in the hands of "Accountability freaks" and politicians they metamophis into cancerous behavior. NCLB was just the worst case senerio sanctified by bad law.
Kiki a case can be made that college curiculum drives standardize testing even down into K-12. Think about that, college faculty defining what all kids should know and politicians unknowingly speaking their amen.

ER how the hell did you get us all to talk so much to such an Ugly fence post?
Sheila -

It will take a couple of days before my awe of you dies down enough for me to dare to offer any disagreement.
Mr. TStockman.

You said, "The public - worth even less than the sum of its parts."

What made you so full of garden-variety bile and gracelessness to the world at large? There's nothing special about it, you know. You sound like the average fundie Christian! Man is fallen and sucks -- but you don't even believe there's a way out. Not even even hope.

Bah. Your humbug is tedious.
Crysdtal, I don't understasnd your point.

Oh! You have bought the so-called conservative line that government shoukld operate "like a business" and that assitance can be quantified!

Tell me where the command to love your neighbor as yourself -- and, again, I assert that one's vote counts in this equation -- is *ever* reduced to a cost-benefit analysis!

Or beans, in other words. You're a bean counter. I'm not.

Governments are wasteful by definition. I'm always for wasting lots on the needy, since it will be wasted anyway.
I had three majors between 1984 and 1989:

Speech, radio-TV-film, journalism. B.S. in journalism.

(But I added a political science degree and an economics minor as I went).

Oh, and I considered, but did not sign any papers, on electrical engineering (ha ha ho ho hee hee, yeah, right), and theater, of all things, for the lighting-staging aspects.
The mantle of the prophet. Friends: I not only talked to a fence post the fence post talked back to me.
Can burning bushes and whirlwinds be far off? New slogan, IHO a misanthropic forebear:

Jeremiah: he wasn't just a bullfrog.
another look at Gore...OH! and the Movie

I was interested to see this perspective of Gore. This Movie Critic actually took the time to look for the Authentic Al Gore and he was far more successful that any other I've read.

This Critic allowed Gore to sell the film too. With the MSM so hung up on "Whether Gore Will Run",....well, I enjoyed this piece and I felt refreshed.
TS said:
"Why not force people at the END of their working lives to do the 2 years as a condition for collecting the generational Ponzi game of social security - all that wisdom and maturity....."

Cut that shit out TS. Leave us old retired farts to ..."their social parasitism..." Why you young twrip, you're just jealous because we didn't leave anything in the trough for you and yours.

"Not to mention they've already had the opportunity to have their lives." said TS. Hell, my BP, Cholesterol, pulse, sugar level, liver and kidney functions, heart rate etc. are better than they were 20 years ago. (of course I do take 14 pills a day to make and keep them that way, oh yes and the 3 phsychotropics so that I don't hunt down and exterminate my on-line oposition).
My doctor told me recently that I would live another 20 to 40 years ( I actually came home depressed). So here I am sucking up your water and air and tax dollars...Ho HO HO and a bottle of Dickles please. What! food stamps won't buy Dickles! An Outrage, write your congressman, support the Corn industry. Didn't we have a rebellion about this a while back? We lost it? Outrage! Let's get this changed. Divert that organic fuel research into cheap whiskey production. What we can't drink, then we will put it in cars. Call the AARP, get them on the job.

Now really TS do you really want old farts like me to give two years to "improve " America. Before you proceed, remember that your parents and your children see you as a common enemy! Bring it on, my children!

Damn that felt good.
Sheila, I took a hard look at Gore's face the other day on TV. He didn't look well to me, too puffy and his eye's were open.

What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? What about his message?
The Owl of Minerva flies at dusk.

Gore's message is a decade or two, too late. God bless him, still even now, he is rediculed.
We did not listen to the early warnings coming from the 1970's and the critical changes noted by down to earth Agricultural Scientist in their pan-evaporation rates in the 1980's.
No we gave each paid lap dog of industry as much veracity as the real Jerimiahs who could see what was happening. Now we have Glacier National Park without any glaciers whatsoever. We have a freshwater dumping rate from Greenland that will change the Gulf Stream in a few years if not yesterday. We have Atlantic iceberges in greater numbers farther South than ever record before. We have ice thinning in the last five years in Antartica that equals a 1000 years previous ice build up.
Most serious geographers have moved on to prediciting the effects and what to do now to mitigate them. But shit nobody pays attention to geographers. Stopping this climate juggernaut is 15 -20 years in the past. The tipping point has come and gone. Al and his boss were our last best hope. They weren't up to it. Not that they are to blame, they were just the last chance.

The "Owl of Wisdom" only flies to warn of what is happening after it has already happened, not before. Thus it is seen at the dusk of the day needed to solve the problem rather than at its sunrise.

Al, like the Owl, is flying into the predictable night. Save your money on the movie ticket and buy and umbrella or a parka.
So negative DR.

I would rather fight until the end than give up on the outset.

SO is that how your going to handle the fight here in the United States too?
Sheil, I think what Drlobo si saying is that is that when it's too late to keep the house from burning down, the next step fior the family living within is to determine how to clean up the mess, and to decide where they're going to live next.

The house is on fire and as the firefolks say, it is "fully involved." So, any talk now of ways to put the fire out is silly. Better to talk of what's next, which is not negative at all.

At least that's the way it seems from where I, um, stick in the ground.

Mr. TStockman: The Burning Bush was an ancestor of mine.
Sheil said; "SO is that how your going to handle the fight here in the United States too?"
Hell Sheila, I've fought the good fight on many frounts. I'm tired, after all I'm now a "social parisite", a member of the not -so-great generation that came after that great one. I'll let my children and grandchildren handle this problem.

Do you want to fight?
The real fight is what to do now.
The affects will come.
What do we do about them?
Which coastal cities do we save?
What do we do about Florida and the Mississippi delta areas?
How do we handle the displaced millions from the coastal zones?
Where and how will agricultural production shift and how can we support that?
What changes do we need to promote and invest in our transportation infrastructure?
What kind of treaties will we need world wide to maintain our best interest?
What do we do about our Island protectorates?
Shall we move Washington D.C. inland or build a dike around it?
When the North-West passage opens up through the Arctic how will that change our port and shipping structures.
What can we do to save the Artic wildlife?
These are all things that need to be fought for. Holding back Global Warming... is not a real possibility. Getting ahead of its affect is.
Was your former boss erudite and would he like to be called erudite yankee or is that a contradiction in terms.

Why is there no call to get jews out of government if we need seperation of church and state? How is the christian right a threat to us but rampant zionism is not? Which christian organization can make or break your candidacy the way the AIPAC can?

Constant use of nazis in order to get political advantage today makes "the" holocaust trival, I don't like eli the weasel either and oprah is an idiot so his book fits right in with the level of her club.

the biggest holocuast in history was the Jewish holocuast where they killed, slaughtered and murdered 60 million Russians. The on going holocuast against the Palestinians is nothing to sneer at. History should not be remembered selectively.

What if everytime someone attempted to attack Christians they were told "Stop, wait a minute, you can't say that! These people went through Reconstruction. Christians have been persecuted for millinium so if you say anything about them you're anti-Christian".

when people criticise Jews we don't need a lecture on historical anti-semitism. given what jews are doing on the world stage, in Israel, in Congress, in our media they have no reasonable expectation, no reasonable expectation whatsoever, that they will not make someone angry, create opposition or cause someone to get very upset about what they are doing.

We have a right to talk about what they do since we are pouring enough money down a black hole in the middle east that we could give the entire south free dental care and a college education. We have a right to debate what they are doing and we don't deserve to be called vile names for it.

If those who constantly attack Christianty are so certain that this is about a "seperation of church and state" and you want to overthrow something that is as significant to this country as our Christian values then you better think carefully about what will replace it and who the new elites will be.

Neo-cons and liberals are flip sides of the same coin. I'm a democrat but I'm not a liberal. odds are you're not either. Fox network and the pea brains who watch it are not that different from liberal propaganda and the left wing dittoheads who swallow it whole. So much for mr euridite.

You're right about colleges' influence on high school curricula, primarily because there's many who assume that the best thing for folks to do is go to college. Which is a shame, since college is definitely not for everyone.

There's lots of griping in academic circles about grade inflation, but I would argue that what's really going on is diploma inflation. Instead of emphasizing the skills a person needs in order to do a job, often it's the degree that acts as a stand-in.

Ideally, the holding of a particular degree should tell you what skills a person has. But when the degree is required in place of the skills, it leads to degree inflation. More people are forced to go the higher ed route in order to advance in their fields, but because universities are traditionally places of theory and experimentation (as opposed to cut-and-dried practice) there is no gaurantee that the students are actually getting the requisite skills.

So I don't think it's the college faculty who are driving this--I think it's the businesses who won't hire folks for entry-level jobs without at least a bachelor's degree.
I might agree with you except I have tried to span the gulf between the needs of business and industry and the out put of higher education and the disconect is unbeleivable.
CEO's will tell you they want genralist who can think, innovate, and learn. Their personnel officers will tell you they need X bachelors or Y associates degrees and/or Q years of experience in a particular narrow area. Generalist, not even qualified for the mail room.

Source of the problem.
Wage and Hour, Title VII, Title IX and Title VI entry level regulations? Oh yes and the narrow interpretation of such regulations and laws by the people doing the hiring?
Vocational educators who want a piece of the academic pie, and Academics that want all of Voc-Ed territory?
Pick and chose your mixture, they all will work.
The English/Dannish King that tried to hold back the tide about 1010 C.E..
A jew by definition is the child of a jewish mother.
You know, if you trace back each of our histories for 25 generations, that's back about to 1300, we have quite a lot of people who have contributed to our gene pool. Let's see 25 generations that 2 parents 4 grandparents 8 great grandparents.....65 million contributors to your individual gene pool in that year of in 1300 C.E..
I wonder who all those people were?
We are not just our brothers' keepers, heck we are our brothers.
And often as not, we are our brothers' executioners.
Hell, a drop of blood is as good as total contamination is it not. Then we must all be jews, until we can prove otherwise. How would we do that?
The way I'm reading you, Drlobojo, I think we do agree--there is no good way to currently bridge the gaps between business and higher ed. I'm not familiar enough with the laws and regs to try to pinpoint fault, though.

What I do know is that the bachelors degree is no longer a virtual garauntee that the holdee can use logic, do basic math, have general geographic knowledge, analyse arguments, or communicate in both verbal and written forms. But then, I'm a big believer in a liberal arts education (as some have probably guessed). There's a lot of good, basic knowledge necessary to the functioning of a democracy to be had by studying the trivium and quadrivium, and it's a shame that our current higher ed climate is leaning so heavily towards the vo-tech model.
July Canute: You're mixed up. Cjristisans in government is not the issue. The Christianization of government IS the issue.

You folks obviously missed the kerfuffle raised by Oprah's ad in Hollywood, with her big grinning face next to "Oprah visits Auschwitz"...maybe y'all oughta go read a bit first, before you start judging.
Carl: Oprah is so not on my radar.

July: As a matter of fact, the boss who christened as ER *was* an erudite Yankee. I think he was more erudite then than now, actually!
Carl said: "You folks obviously missed the kerfuffle raised by Oprah's ad.."
True, I for one missed it, but I did catch the kerfuffle of the Iranian President saying that the Holocost never happened.
Are you saying that Oprah is demeaning the tradgedy of the holocost by promoting this guys re-print of his book about it, that her PC is just a profit motivated activity?

July, I hear you as well, you don't trust Israel, think the Zionist have too much influence in America, and see the genocidal activities of the Israelies hardliners against the Palistinians as evil. Excellent points. But why do you encapsulate these arguments within the larger frame work of "the jews" are doing it? Do you really think that "the Jews" are any better organized than any other group of humans?
Labels are pointless. Genocide is continuing, even today in the Sudan at Darfur. Let's not forget Uganda, Rwanda or Bosnia.

The problem is not in labeling the haters. The problem is that hating and killing continues because we refuse to see it and stop it. We have the opportunity to do the right thing. We must.

No one can defend wholesale slaughter of any group of people. Ever.
How about Texans?
Speaking about fence post, why are the fence post up in western Nebraska so thin. Yep, point of fact out on the ranches in Nebraska the natural cut and split post are a third the size that we use down here. Hell, I don't even see how you could pound a steeple into them without spliting the dang things. If they were bodark you couldn't nail up the barbedwire with out pre-drilling they are so flimsey. Any Nebraska fence builders out there to tell us why you guys like thin post?
Well, you know, you have to look at circumstances...


Ya'll have had a good conversation today.

Dr, I'm at the outermost reaches of the Boomer Generation. I'm not Old. LOL And neither are you!

Listen, I am not giving up on Global Warming. I'm not a quiter and I have all the hopes in the world that we are going to iron some of this out.

Your right, we may not solve it all, but I'm not leaving this place to the Grandchildren I hope to have, the way it is now!

Al Gore may be a pariah in some circles, but he's the last best hope right now to shake up some people.

We don't know what the world will look like in two years time, but after that two years are over, we need to jump.

And so I'm starting the jump now. I've never felt so sure of one thing in my life. the stump!
Judy Canute asked: "Was your former boss erudite and would he like to be called erudite yankee or is that a contradiction in terms?"

Can't wait for your answer, ER ... : )
Nick, I *did* answer! (somewhat snarkily!) :-)

On Nebraska fencing and thin posts: I wonder if it has something to do with snow and drifts?

And Sheila, Amen and amen!: Al Gore ... is the last best hope right now to shake up some people.

No one in this country's recent history -- if ever -- was a classy as he was preciding over the Senate his last time to do so.
We humans didn't cause global warming, we caused it to happen much faster than it would have. I'm not giving up on stopping global warming. It can't be stopped. But it can be mitigated and the affects be prepared for...

By the way, after the warming comes the next ice age. Rather because of the warmning comes the next ice age. Look up snow blitz.

Al Gore is not our last best hope.

I won't support him for the Democratic nomination.

As for my age, well I have an old soul and I live in Oklahoma so that makes me feel older. Especially when it is 98 degrees and 70% humidity in May. Dang weather.
Sure we excellerated it. That's what we have to do. Retard the exceleration. Get 100 year (metaphor) back to a period of 100 years instead of 20.

If Gore runs, I'm on the campaign trail. No one in this party is more "The Right Man at the Right Time."
8 years House, Foreign Relations committee, House ways and means,
8 years Senate, Judiciary, Inteeligence.
8 years Vice President
30 years dedicated to the study of Climate Change and ecology. Vietnam Vet.

I will just state one more thing. We don't need a cutey or someone that is pretty or someone ot have a beer with,

to undo what has been done to this country. We need someone with brains, wisdom, and experience.
As the old saying goes, Lincoln would never have been elected President of the United States if Televisions had existed.
Don't worry about me, DR. L!

Heavily invested in Big Pharma and resthome chains. Every dollar you cain-waving geezers suck out of the economy will go right back into my pocket. When the rest of you were dancing to Elvis Costello, I was ransacking his lyrics for investment strategies:

They took me in the office and they told me very carefully
The way that I could benefit from death and disability

Hell, TS, don't you know that us AARP types are going to nationalise the Pharmacy and Extended Care Industries.

Sheila, you are a romantic.
I am a romantic too, a romantic realist that is.

Al Gore is an "OLD" guy. He has old ideas. He has an old agenda.

I think we need to elect a Hispanic for President and a woman for Vice President (not Clinton)and get it over with. The Democratic Party's future is in the 40 and younger population, the needers and the breeders. That's the future.
I said:
"Any Nebraska fence builders out there to tell us why you guys like thin post?"

Trixie said...
"Well, you know, you have to look at circumstances..."

LOL, I am slow Trixie.
Sheila and anyone else interest.
Take a look a the 2004 Artic Impact Study Report.

Remember when you read it that it is already out of date and new findings indicate that the timelines will be much more compressed than stated in this report.

Not recomended for bedtime reading, especially for Trixie.
OK: Arctic
DrL: Aware of the possibility and am considering hedging with life insurance riders on selcted individuals - ultimately the premature demise as nationalized health care reaches the same level of competence as other government-provided services should more than offset my stock losses. And I would not even have to help them along, unlike those two sweet old ladies in LA, so recently in the news.

("Looking at the circumstances" was in re: Texans...)
Yeah, right.
FYI about Al Gore. In the last presidential election polls showed that rank and file democrats wanted Gore as our nominee.

Elites in the democratic party told him that he would get no party money nor support and forced him to drop out. They they foist john Kerry off on us - a liberal who represented no opposition to bush and the neo-cons on the issue that had us flaming mad - the illegal invasion of iraq.

The question is - have the elites in the dem party chanaged? Has Al Gore changed regarding the middle east policies?

Rahm Emanuel is the democrat who will choose furture nominees.

Hillary Clinton is a Zionist in the extreme. What do you think will happen to Al Gore? Whom do you think R Emanuel will choose?

If its not jews who are behind this than who is it?

Empires as we historically know them exist no longer. today we have globalization. We didn't have to colonize china for WalMart to be there. Our policy in the middle east is not about oil nor is it about empire. the petro-dollar is today's version of empire.

Clinton/Gore kept oil from flowing out of Iraq and therefore OPEC prices high. No oil is flowing out of Iraq today and the Bush and Saudi families are benefiting but the elites did not have to invade Iraq to accomplish this.

Why are we in the middle east and does Al Gore stand a chance in hell of getting into the White House if he holds the same politics today as he did before?

Genetic research has shown that the dark skinned Jews and the Palestinians have the same DNA as the Jews of ancient Israel but the white jews don't. drops of blood be whatever they may they contain DNA.
New York Times, Science Section, May 14, 2002.

"The finding suggested that Jewish men who founded the communities traced their lineage back to the ancestral Mideastern population of 4,000 years ago from which Arabs, Jews and other people are descended. It pointed to the genetic unity of widespread Jewish populations and took issue with ideas that most Jewish communities were relatively recent converts like the Khazars, a medieval Turkish tribe that embraced Judaism."


"A new study now shows that the women in nine Jewish communities from Georgia, the former Soviet republic, to Morocco have vastly different genetic histories from the men. In each community, the women carry very few genetic signatures on their mitochondrial DNA, a genetic element inherited only through the female line. This indicates that the community had just a small number of founding mothers and that after the founding event there was little, if any, interchange with the host population."


"is that most Jewish communities were formed by unions between Jewish men and local women, though he notes that the women's origins cannot be genetically determined.

"The men came from the Near East, perhaps as traders," he said. "They established local populations, probably with local women. But once the community was founded, the barriers had to go up, because otherwise mitochondrial diversity would be increased."

In ancient Israel, the Jewish priesthood was handed from father to son. But at some time from 200 B.C. to A.D. 500, Jewish status came to be defined by maternal descent. Even though the founding mothers of most Jewish communities were not born Jewish, their descendants were."

Report on study at:

Nothing is ever simple.
i wish i was taller.

ER are you waiting till the post turns a hundred?
I wish KEvron was taller.

Then he could enjoy the sunset longer.
Non-sequitur #38576943c
Wild Bill Hickock's 169th birthday was Friday May 27th.
This non-item was brought to your attention courtesy of:
Yes he know Xanga is lame, but he hangs out there incognito.
kevronius have Ziggy check out my April 11th item:
Short guys have more fun.
miss cellania, I wonder if there is a nich market on one of the satilite radio nets for an RV gal or maybe Trucker gal that roamed the U.S. talking to her target audience at camp sites, or truck stops, or rest stops, taking polls, listening to opinons about the story of the day and call-ins all while she tools down the road in her mobile live-in studio from place to place playing music and fielding calls and telephone interviews as she goes. Describing the country side giving reports on festivales, rodeos, local car races and such that she is at. Gas prices- road conditions- weather and so forth.
Maybe Motel 6 or Best Western or Shell or Winnabego or somebody would sponsor that and pop for the set up.
Mayber an NPR gig would work.
Oooh, that does sound good. In a world where you can just make up a job description consisting of what you'd like to do if you had unlimited funds and plenty of free time!
You can only have what you can imagine.

Yep, your right talk's cheap.
Unless you are using a consultant.
Or a phychiatrist.
Hey, I was gone all weekend. Mr. Post has been mindin' the store.
Does it not give you pause that a fence post can get 88 comments on your blog? How many did you get last weekend :-)?
Ha. Proves the point that some people will argue with a fence post!
I, myself, have had a cuss fight with one or two of them. Maybe it were more a cuss fit.
Ever use the pickup to stretch the wire and have the damn stuff snapp as you were driving in a steeple. Takes about two years of Sunday school to atone for that kind of fit.
Dadgum. This fence post post might a hunnerd yet.
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