Monday, May 01, 2006


ER's last words, dang near

This afternoon, I pulled out of the building where I work, onto the service road of a highway and started pulling to the left lane to make a turn-around at the nearby light.

There is an exit from the highway just to the left of where I was pulling out. A little sports car, taking the exit, zipped by at full speed. I didn't see the thing until it was past me. Another foot, or less, and he'da hit me.

The driver of the little car probably wouldn't have survived, since he'd've hit a full-size high-centered pickup truck at full speed. Oh, it was a convertible. The driver probably would've been beheaded.

I might've survived, but it wouldn't've been pretty.

When my heart started beating again, I thought of my previous post, which, as the post du jour, was occupying the back of my mind all morning.

My last public words, from the previous post, would have been:

And I think it makes perfect sense for a "new revelation" to come from "the people" now -- since the days of the prophets apparently are past.

Literacy empowers and enlightens people. *The Word* as it were is more widely dispersed than ever. The Spirit still moves, and is moving today -- despite entrenched fears and the purely human forces amassed in God's name to "protect" the way things used to be at a time when The Way of Life is needed more than ever!

That first paragraph is a little out there -- but not much, really. But I could live with the next paragraph being my last public utterance on this earth.

Quick, for funsies: You're dead. What was your last blog utterance (either post or comment). Are you glad or embarrassed?


Glad to hear you're OK, buddy. Gladder that my almost last words to you weren't mean or argumentative, but merely stupid: And, one more thing: I notice there's a "create your own quiz" button at this site. You ought to slap together a "Are You More Erudite or More Redneck?" quiz of your own making ... : )

I called to get an appointment for an eye exam, and new glasses. Can't hurt.
Can't hurt unless you drive yourself there, you mean.
It might haunt me that your last argument was in response to one of my comments. Naw, it would haunt me none. I'd just be pissed that you didn't take time to respond before you left.
That little event is called an, "I am Mortal moment." They come around on occasion. The best cure for their occupation of your mind is a half a bottle of good whiskey and a whole good woman. I suspect you have both in the house. If you are lucky someday you simply just look u............
Oh by the way...

"Quick, for funsies: You're dead. What was your last blog utterance (either post or comment). Are you glad or embarrassed?"

If I am dead, I won't care.
Damnation, man! Here on the eve of your birthday you nearly get yerself kilt dead. That is a tough, tough highway design there. Not well thought-out, in my opinion, with a three-lane (going into 4 lanes) with a service road, off ramp, on ramp Texas turnaround mess shoved in a few feet.

Anyway, my last mortal words in the blogosphere were in the form of a meme (which apparently only Tech and Sarabeth have read). It leaves me not sad, not happy, but feeling incomplete and unknown. (Ah, she sighed, just like the whole of my life.)
I read yer meme!
Tug's Last Words...

"God is REAL good to people who give Him credit for the good things he does. "

I think that I could live with that if I was dead...
Maskes ya think, tho, don't it? I get real riled sometimes. If my last blogwords were hateful, well, I'd hate that.
Dude. Glad you're all right.

My last blog words on earth were addressed to the Tugger, lauding him for this wonderful sentence in his posting about a day tubing on the river: "When we reached the parking lot at the end of the float, The Lord provided a Hot Dog Stand..."
I saw that! I think we both lived vicariously through Tug's post about his fun Sunday!
It is a fact, creative people have more car accidents. The higher your IQ the more your mind is on things outside your immediate environment. NYC actually gives IQ test to potential transit bus drivers. You score to high and you won't be hired.
For better or worse, my last blog utterance would have been, "The world NEEDS a little righteous anger now."

That would have been fine as an epitaph too.
"I happen to believe that the Golden Rule is as good a measure at the national level as it is at the personal level. Do you disagree with this?"

Them's my last posted words. My last actual words were, "Whooo, Man! Who just finished in here? Geez, flush the thing, will ya?!!"
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