Friday, May 05, 2006


Any of y'all ever noodled?

Okie Noodling Tournament, July 8, Bob's Pig Stand, Pauls Valley, Okla.

Might have to go check this out.

Read about the film and the tournament: Okie Noodling.


LOL only if you count catching minnows in a wading pool.
Once watched the Chesser boys noodlin in the some back-waters of the Red River in the early 1960's. They didn't catch nothin, so we threw in a blasting cap to see what came up. Got two good size carp, a baby gar, and two half stunned cotton mouths.

Saw a 10 minute video clip of Bubba and Bubbet in dirty red wet tee shirts noodlin on the Washita several years ago. The only thing I can say is anyone who noodles must not have much imagination. I put them in the same catagory as "black-water" divers.

The Chessers tried to teach me how to feel for a catfish den. No way Jose', not me, nope, never am I gonnato stick my arm down a hole in a muddy river and into the mouth of anything. If I want catfish I'll just drive down to Perl's cafe.

I get the willies just thinkin on it.
Yeah. But its not so hard catching well-fed gold carp in the cement pond. I only do that to clean out the pond. The problem is, my kids saw me, and they think its a sport now.
Not many Noodlers where I come from.

We Fished with old style, crank-type telephones where I come from.

You just drop the wires into the water, crank the handle a few times, and the Catfishes come to the top of the water, and you dip them up with a dip-net.

I have also seen, but never participated in, the practice of fishin' with Dynamite.

That's a TRIP.
I think it is specifically against the law to fish with dynamite in Oklahoma. I love my state.
I suspect fishing with dynamite, blasting caps, m-80s etc is illeagal in all states. Back in the dark ages I had a "survival kit" that had all of the usual stuff in it. But it also had a packet of Rootone. Rootone was used for fishing in a closed area.
Stir it into the water, and watch the fish come to the surface. A Kiowa friend in the 8th grade did about the same thing down on the North Fork of the Red River by smashing up some plants he had pulled up. Wasn't smart enough then to ask what they were.
I'm pretty sure all of this is illegal now as well.
Wait -- what I was remembering is that it is specifically illegal in Oklahoma to "get fish drunk" or something like that. Makes 'em rise to the top. I forget the story behind it, though.
ER said:
" is specifically illegal in Oklahoma to "get fish drunk"..."

You shure that it weren't "...get drunk fishing?"

Besides that, who the hell is gonna waste enough whiskey to get a fish drunk? You could use left over sour mash maybe.

"Drunk like a Fish." Maybe that's where that originated, or is it "Drinks like a Fish?" But if you did the latter wouldn't you get the former?

Anyway I would have to be drunk before I'd crawl around in the Washita or the Red feeling around blindly in underwater holes for catfish.
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