Friday, May 12, 2006


All tapped out

From Matthew Yglesias, via Scrivener, via guest blogger Dean Dad at Bitch, Ph.D., who is *finallly* back from visiting her boyfriend:

"One thing the Bush administration says it can do with this meta-data is to start tapping your calls and listening in, without getting a warrant from anyone. Having listened in on your calls, the administration asserts that if it doesn't like what it hears, it has the authority to detain you indefinitely without trial or charges, torture you until you confess or implicate others, extradite you to a Third World country to be tortured, ship you to a secret prison facility in Eastern Europe, or all of the above. If, having kidnapped and tortured you, the administration determines you were innocent after all, you'll be dumped without papers somewhere in Albania left to fend for yourself."

Impeach Bush Coalition.


What I'd for just a few good ol' boy, 9-hole Country Club Repubs!
So long as Cheney is VP there will be no atempt to impeach Bush. He is safe.

On the other hand, he might want to cut back on his overseas trips.
Can the World Court issue secret indicments?
Well, screw the world court. There is no "international law."

We can take care of this bozo ourselves.

Impeach Bush. Impeach Cheney.

President Dennis Hastert.
I see the dickle is talking early tonight.
Wandered over to d.d.'s and tug's places. Got an insight into what GW's defense will be when called before the house and senate. It is wonderfully simple, and hell it might work.
All he has to say is :
"Clinton did it."
Impeachment being a political solution, it might just. The Dems are gonna want to rehabilitate Bubba's image when they get back in power. That might make 'em back off.

Oh, I'd go get a distimper shot if I's you, after trompin' around over at's joint. Tug, on the other hand, is harmless.
Wore a haz-mat.
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