Friday, April 14, 2006


Nixon, Bush, Bush, BULLSNOT


This just in: The bullsnot started even before the news got out! To hell* with the chief flack and ass kisser at OSU.

(*Outrage not reflective of ER's opinion on said p.o.s. flack's actual immortal soul).

John Estus
O'Collegian Staff Writer

A university spokesman threatened censorship of a Daily O’Collegian story earlier this week about President George Bush’s plans to speak at spring graduation ceremonies, saying the story would jeopardize OSU’s chances of receiving the high-profile visit.

Gary Shutt, director of communication services, told an O’Collegian reporter Monday evening that he would call the director of OSU’s journalism school and ask him to stop the newspaper from running any story addressing rumors about Bush or confirming the president’s visit.

Read all about the total, unadulterated bullsnot. Fire the flack. Today.


Original post:

Late yesterday, somebody came by my desk and said, "Hey, ER, the president is speaking at your alma mater's commencement!"

"The president of what?" I replied.

"The United States!"

Oh, joy.

Nixon in '74. Bush the First in '90. Bush the Junior in '06.

I am so proud.

Everybody I know figures he picked OSU -- plus the military colleges he's speaking at -- because they're very red campuses and will be very friendly.

That they will.

In Oklahoma, even Dems, for the most part, are respectful to a fault. To a fault.

The facts are in the comments.


STILLWATER, OK – The White House announced Thursday President George W. Bush will give this year’s commencement address at Oklahoma State University. Bush, who will speak at Boone Pickens Stadium Saturday, May 6, will be the first commander-in-chief to address graduates at a college or university in the state since President George H.W. Bush spoke at OSU in 1990. “We are delighted that President Bush will give our commencement address,” said OSU System CEO and President David Schmidly. “It is indeed an honor and privilege to have the president of the United States visit our campus and share in what will be a momentous day for our graduating seniors and their families.” Mr. Bush will be the third U.S. president to speak at an OSU commencement. In May of 1974 President Richard Nixon addressed graduates. Sixteen years later President George H.W. Bush spoke during OSU’s spring commencement. “The details surrounding the president’s visit are still being finalized,” said OSU Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management Bill Ivy. The President is expected to give the general commencement address Saturday morning. Following the commencement ceremony OSU academic colleges will host separate convocations to recognize graduates. The president is speaking at a total of four colleges this year, including a community college hit by Hurricane Katrina: May 11 at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College; May 27 at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y.; and June 19 at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.
I guess it is appropriate that the "Emperial President" would feel as though he had to give a speech at the University where another Emporer had spoken. Hallie Selassie, H.I.M. Emporer of AEthiopia and the Lion of Judddah spoke there in 1950.

Say, will they give Bush Babby an honerary degree from OSU? You have a degree in common with him;. Wow!
FIRE SHUTT TODAY! This is outrageous. If this was such a sensitive issue, how did the word get out in the first place? Censorship of student publications is as wrong as censorship in any other forum.
Shrub and Gary Shutt:

Monkey see, monkey do.
Kids will be Kids
Now poor old Shutt was just doin his job as the administrative toaddy that he was hired to be. It is a little embarassing that he didn't know how the paper was actually structured, and perhaps he should have cleared his threats with his boss first, but his heart was in the right place. He was covering his CEO's ass. By the way when did the OSU president become a CEO?

Is Shrub just plain stupid or didn't someone tell him that three months after Nixon spoke at OSU that he was almost impeached and had to resign? And did't they mention that five months after his Daddy Bush gave his speech at OSU he lost hte election to Clinton?
With that track record, what do you think will have to the Shrub within the next three to five months?
It would seem that he is tempting lady luck by speaking at OSU.

I here by name this phenomena the OSU Curse of the Presidential Commencement Speech.
Well, SHUTT my mouth.

Shit, Shutt shoulda shut his own.

I want to know why he's not already fired. What a horse's ass. Very Bush-like strategory, Shutt used. Hell, if the O'Collegian HAD jeopardized the visit, that would have been a damned good story, too.

F--k him. I grow to hate higher education more and more. It's full of inhuman people who mess with real people trying to just make better of themselves. I hate the smell of what OSU has become and this is just the latest of the bullshit.

I spit in the general direction of Stillwater, Oklahoma. And you can put THAT on your cheese fries.
Fire Shutt. Out with Schmidly. Bring back a university *president" and leader, not a damned "chief executive officer." What crap.

But I love OSU the same way I love this country. It's the assholes in charge that make me want to puke, not the country, and not the university, themselves.
I see the Bush haters club is still alive and kicking. You losers won't have anything to talk about when he leaves office. I'm looking forward to a strong HurryCane season to keep you going until then. Come to think of it lets see: You hate Bush, you hate religion, you hate government, you hate schools, you hate everything and everybody. I think what it boils down to is you all hate yourselves and the boring lives you have to live. No need to comment, it's Friday night I'm going out on the town. bye-bye
I was pretty sad to hear it, since I'd like to watch my students graduate.

However, I'm pretty sure I would not be able to behave myself during his speech, and my students deserve better from their graduation than to see their professor Behaving Badly.

Ergo, I will hope it's televised and be cranky by my damn self.
This has little to do with Bush and everything to do with the students' First Amendment rights being violated, Anonymous. We love our country and we love our freedoms.
I hate...schools, Anonie? Well, if you say so. See, here in my state, whiners who don't feel like paying taxes have sort of ruined the tax structure, all but making it impossible to fund the public ones...but, I see whatcha mean, deep thinker.

And let's see: I hate government? Sweetie, you're off on your Talking Points. No, see Libbles LOVE big Gummint. No wait. That's obviously Your folks, what with what's happened over the last six years...Next.

I hate religion? Nope. Just your silly misinterpretation of it.

I hate everything and everybody? Yer still not reading the Memo: we Love Terrorists, see?

Myself and my boring life? Hell, you don't live in Portland, do you?

No need for comments? Aw Hell no: Plenty of need for comments.
Anonomouse 6:21, it is not fair to shit and run like that.
Anonymous 6:21 PM is is piece-of-shit loser drive-by tuck-tail coward. Shut TF up, asswipe.
The O'Colly rules. Always has, always will.
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