Wednesday, April 19, 2006


'Breaking down "Brokeback" '

By Dr. ER

First, a very happy "Scott McClellan Resignation Day" to all (and lest you think I'm just speaking from a partisan perspective, let me assure you that I thought Ari Fleischer was a consummate professional; Scott, however, was not).

Finally, I've broken down Brokeback Mountain ... It's been an intensive, two-week-long study, too.

Read Dr. ER's thoughtful review of "Brokeback Mountain" here.


Still haven't seen it. But let's consider the plight of the Press Secretary-any of them.
Their job requires them to be professional liars or at least obfuscators at all times. Does this make me feel sorry for them? Not really.
They all wrote books afterward, though. Jody Powell's is not without interest.
McClellan's resignation is tainted by the poll-watchers who were taking the pulse and decided a shakeup in general was needed. It is non-news, unlike when Fleisher or McCurry quit, or when Powell stepped down in this administration. This latest is just part of the orchestration.

I am surprised Geo W -- Mr. Sorta-Kinda Gets It -- didn't come up the brilliant idea of stepping aside himself as part of the shakeup. We could use that kind of bumbling.
That's "Colon" Powell, not Jody, who, by the way, is a very decent and humorous individual.
Hey, wait till you guys get a load of Tony Snow in that job...

This is going to be COOL!!
ER, you're gonna LOVE him...
Hey, I don't like ANY flacks, as a rule. But I did and do think Dee Dee Meyers was HOT!
Other anon:

" " aren't necessary when you use the Colin form. He's "Colon" to me, tyvm.
Ah, Jody Powell, remind me ER to privately tell you a tale or two about Jody and one of his squeezes.
It would confound and confuse and be a stroke of genuis if GW hired Dan Rather to be his press secretary. I hear he is available.
Oh, tell us on here, drlobojo. I'm sure Nan would be interested as well.
Anonymous 10:26 PM said...
"Oh, tell us on here, drlobojo. I'm sure Nan would be interested as well."

Go away child, and play with toys your age?
Rumor of the morning is Mary Matalin. Can we stand that nasal, whiny voice for two years? Still, ya gotta admire the chick for loving Snakehead...and he sure does love him. Talk about opposites. Actually, the book they wrote together during the Clinton administration was great. One of my good friends is in a "mixed" marriage not unlike this and her husband is a WH staffer; I learn a lot from her.

Let's get CJ in for press sec. She rules.
Oh, and by the way, press secretaries don't actually have to be professional liars -- rarely do they actually find themselves actually on the "inside." That's the way an administration protects them from actually HAVING to lie. McClellan was not good; I didn't like Joe what's-his-name who came after Mike McCurry, either...the ones who do their job well are those who handle people well...with a little panache and less bullying. Scott was just a bully. And David Gregory, NBC, really knew how to push the guy's buttons. Love David Gregory
I watched snake head and JC on the new CNN the other day. He was just looking down at the floor as though he was thinking something like I can't believe I'm arguing with this guy. Of course he simply brushed JC aside with his commentary.

I'll bet they go with that gal that used to be the Pentagon spokesperson. Her name escapes me, but she must eat nails for breakfast.
You like David "Wino" Gregory?
Who doedn't like a wino?
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