Thursday, April 27, 2006


Bird scare

Got a letter in the mail today from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety informing me that a certain veehickle registered in the name of Mr. and Mrs. Erudite Redneck was impounded last Saturday in Enid, Okla.

Enid is about an hour-plus drive from here, and about an hour-plus drive from Stillwater, where Bird (20-year-old redneck redheaded stepchild o'mine) is living with her YankeeBeau and going to Oklahoma State University.

Of course, Dr. ER and my heart fell to our boots. Freaked out, we did. We were convinced that Bird and her YankeeBeau (a fine lad, fer a Ynkee, hailin' from Massachusetts) had been laid up in the hospital at Enid for almost a week and we didn't know.

Not. The long and short of it is we don't know why we got such a letter. We called Bird and she said she in no way was anywhere clsoe to Enid last Saturday, that she had, in fact, just driven the car to work in the TLE (Tire, Lube & Express) at the Stillwater Wal-Marts, and, of course, there were a few Bird tears in the middle of all the confusion and apprehension.

Huh. I asked her if she'd gotten a ticket from the state POE-lice, thinkin' that the state POE-lice would at least have her VIN number, license and all in their datebase, and that it might've just been a mix-up and we learned that -- yep, she did get a ticket last summer that she didn't bother to tell us about, not feeling obliged to, since she, somehow, paid the thing off herself. Fine.

But, huh.

We still don't know what the deal is. Just one of those deals, I reckon. Bird is safe. The car is where it's supposed to be. The wrecker service that the letter said was suppsoed to have impounded the veehickle didn't know jack about it.



Has GWB been praying for you people?
LOL, Trixie!

Glad everything's fine with Birdy. :)
Trixie, apparently!

Frenzied, thanks!
Actually I think FOTF has you a "special" prayer list.
Toad, Yankee boyfriend. He's from Massachusetts. And an all-right dude.
Maybe it was the NSA messing with you!

Have you let any foriegn terrorist types borrow a vehicle latelty?
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