Friday, March 03, 2006


Where ER has been

Weighted to the South and the Great Plains, which should be no surprise!

(Swiped from B.)


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Continental, I still haven't bee to Michigan and South Carolina.
Alaska neither.
So basically, except for Cali, you've completely avoided the Democratic regions. ;)
B! Only very recently. New Mexico's pretty Dem. Eastern Oklahoma was presidentially Dem until 2004. Same with the Arkansas-Missippi Delta and big-city Louisiana. :-)

Run another pompous Yankee prig for prez, they'll all stay red. My eastern Oklahoma stompin' grounds will, anyway.
I've discovered your problem -- never been to Wisconsin.
I've never been to Wisconsin either. Frozen toes are that important?

OK, ER, can you pass along to me a good ol' redneck dem that'd be worth our vote? I mean, I'd vote for you, but ... :-)
Dan Boren. Congressman representing eastern Oklahoma. Sone of former Senator and now ou president David Boren. Moderation is his name. Votes with the Dem leadership 64 percent of the time, and votes with the president 65 percent of the time. Those are real, new numbers.

He is my kind of Democrat.

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland called Boren “a young, energetic member of Congress, and someone who is truly in touch with the values of America’s heartland.”

Here, here. No lefty. No righty.

Just left of center. Just right.
Yep, and it doesn't hurt that his daddy was head of the intelligence committee for umpteen years and has a million favors out and video tapes of the rest. Oh yes and his mommy well, how about QB of the western world. Yep, that's what we need another dynasty.
I posted my states traveled in map on my web site. How many off you real people can beat me?
No, No, NO,
Actually that last post was from Junior The Bear, that's me. Fatman is just trying to steal my spotlight.
You've never been to New York! Well, you're always welcome here. :)
I posted mine, too, and I got ER beat, but drlobo has me beat, I'm sure...
I've got all of you beat.

I've been to a place called bondservantcorner. It appears to be a friendly community at first, but turns out to be somewhat inhospitable.

The "mayor" insists on adhering to a number of theological rules for acceptance, says Lent is just a silly invention of man, United Methodists don't teach their people the word of God and Catholics are just plain wrong.

In fact, if you don't subscribe to the views of his small Southern denomination, expect to find yourself rebuked right out of town!
Been there. Stopped long enough to write on a bathroom wall, then sped on out of town. :-)

The shame of ti all is, the mayor of that town was a nicer person before he got saved. How does that happen?
You point out a sad truth, ER, that has to be acknowledged. As a longtime Christian, I have to grudgingly admit that some of the most graceless places I have ever been in my life were filled with other Christians.

Philip Yancey in "What's So Amazing About Grace?" says the most "ungrace" he ever received was at Bible college. Indeed, how DOES that happen?
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