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Busy work: Change enough words in the following for it to make sense today. Or, just respond to the idea. :-)


"Many held that the party should oppose every war; others held that the party should oppose every imperialist war, classified the World War as such a conflict, and therefore were against it. Still others held that the party should oppose the war as one of aggression but that it should support it should the United States be invaded. The Southwestern Socialists, fearful of a Mexican alliance with Germany, were the ones who held this position. They were unalterably opposed to the European War, but many of them agreed with Dan Hogan (Socialist newspaper editor in Huntington, Ark.), who said, 'If those damn greasers come across the line we'll get our guns and shoot.' "

-- from David A. Shannon, The Socialist Party of America: A History (New York: The MacMillan Co., 1955), 95.



"Red Dawn" 1917?
I'm sure you know that when Gadsen was buying the "Gadsen Purchase" those little bits of New Mexico and Arizona that Mexico offered us everything from the Southern tip of Texas West and North of that for a few dollars more and we wouldn't take it. One of the main reason was that it had all those "greasers" living there. America has spit in the wind for racist reasons more than once in its history. I bought my home in OKC in 1974 at 40% of its appraised value in 1970 because of white flight and people that didn't want their kids going to school with those Blacks.
Solomn said that there was nothing new under the Sun. Guess he had a point.
Come to think of it, doesn't that make newspaper work redundant?
As they say, journalism is the first draft of history.
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