Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Sometimes I don't know ...

... whether I'm comin' or goin' in life -- but I keep on truckin' anyway.

--ER (Photo by Dr. ER on State Highway 1, the Talimena Drive, in "Little Dixie," southeastern Oklahoma.)

I love this! Best post of the week!
Not too shaby a picture for a PhD.
This sounds like my posting from last Friday. Must be Spring.
You gonna let a stuffed animal advertise his failed career and dumb blog on your site?
JTB rocks. :-)
Fatman is just a bloated communist swill sucking trough hog, and jealous too. My "blog" is just a place that reflects my inner self and the well being of the cosmos from the viewpoint of a successful actor and artist.
Sucessful my rear end! Four lousy cartoons between 1944 and 1953? "Cosmos", how can you even use the word, you saw dust stuffed moron. Heck fire, you carry your foam brain around in you pocket for Jove's sake. It's even lable "Junior's Brain" in case it gets lost or misplace so that people will bring it back to you.
ER, I am so sorry to bring this claptap to your web-site. I respect you too much to have intentionally atracted this swine breeder of a fatman to your blog world.
Boys! Boys! There is plenty of room for differing opinions. Junior happens to be my favorite bear these days. But Fatman, he wouldn't be the same bear without you! Can't we all just get along? Give peace a chance!
Well, you know Trix, I respect Junior a whole lot even when he is being a little twirp of self centered indulgence. So I guess, I'll say I am sorry Junior I was just callin it like I see it. No offense intended. If you would just stay over on your side of the internet world, I wouldn't be so irritated at you.
Ah, Trixie, you are my favorite Trixie too. Screw Fatman I'll find anohter pig baiting geek to edit my blog.
It's hard to find a good editor, Junior. Trust me on this.
OK, maybe so. I'll conjure on it some.
Now wait a doggone minute ...
... And you need to hold on to the good ones when they come your way! (Sheesh, E.R.)
Aw, shucks, ma'am.
Took me awhile to catch up. I've been carryin on at other sites this week.

Then lo, I see a post from you about abortion. I shall spare you the rant.

But, I think that Mark guy is mean to you. It doesn't help that I disagree with every single thing he says. But him being mean to you pisses me off. Just wanted you to know.

Well, I get a mean streak myself sometimes. :-)
OK, I was wondering why a nice little scenic photo could generate all these comments... so you've planted a family squabble here! How come I never get that much fun going at my site!?!

BTW I really like the picture.
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