Sunday, March 05, 2006


Lord, awaken us!

The Prayer of Confession this morning at this church:

"Lord of Life, many of us are deeply concerned that we have betrayed our deepest values as a nation, and that we are distorting the gospel itself in pursuit of power and wealth. Everywhere we turn, followers of Jesus advocate violence to solve problems, and seem to possess none of the dispositions of a follower of Jesus. Help us, we pray, to seize the day, and turn the ship of state around. In Christs name we pray, Amen."

Read this book.


A carter book, pish-taw!
Best ex-president EVER.

Wadn' that bad of a president, either. He was honest to a fault -- to many, many faults.

Imagine that. An honest president!
I was just hoo-raw-en. lol
I felt so bad while he was pres. He couldn't catch a break for crap.
Hey, dr lbj, did Numbers Friday night take you back? History keeps goin round and round.
No, ER, Carter was a GREAT President...

If you like High Interest Rates, Inflation, Unemployment, and International Ridicule...

He was a wonderful Crisis Generator.

We owe him a national debt of gratitude, because without Carter, we would have never had Reagan.
Carter was just about as responsible for the economy of this country then as Hoover was.

And he was just about as responsible for the ridicule that this country enjoyed then as Dubya was for 9/11.

What counts is the ways he tried to deal with both.

And for both, he gets a D for performance and an A for good conduct.

And we haven't had a president get an A for conduct -- i.e., honesty -- since Jimmy Carter.
I'd forgotten about Reagan's little-known Department of Gratuitous Capitalization!

That for the Reminder! ;-)

"Hee," he said, adding, "Hee!"
Anon don't usually catch N3MBERS, cause I'm into the 3 shows on Sci-Fi channel on Fridays (although Galactica has jumped the shark about four episodes ago). So I looked up Friday's episode on the net. Yep the good ole sixties when they didn't know how to make a real bomb worth a shit. Does anyone remember the the U.S. Capitol was bombed in the 60's? Blew up a urinal I think is all.
Now Tim and boys that learned a little bit better from the militia types and the 9-11 dudes, wow, well I'm glad our 60 types didn't have those resources or imagination.
By the way, did anyone else see the SLA shoot-out live on TV?

As for the prayer...render unto Ceasar...seperation of church and state should cut both ways...we are NOT a Christian Nation...When we try to act like a real Christian Nation then you'll have good men like Carter ... Carter was the product of Nixon ...Reagan was the product of Carter...Clinton was the product of Reagan...GW Bush is the product of the Supreme Court.
Point of fact:
The Capitol bombing was in November of 1971 by the Weather Underground.
That was an age when radical-liberals did stuff like that.

I missed the date. That was the era, like I said before, when JB and I were sitting out by my thoughtfull place on the Deep Fork reconstructing my mind, and I wasn't paying attention to the world.
Speaking of separation, drlobojo, have y'all seen what some of Missouri's legislators have been up to?

Here's the resolution:

Here's an editorial:
Looks like Galactica done went and found Earth. They just don't know it. Wonder if there'll be Indians a whoop-en and holler-en. Next week is the seanon end for the best 3 shows on tv. I miss ole man Anderson though.
Kiki, Wow.

That's a Democrat trap, is all it is.
I am amazed at how very simple minded all of these State legislatures have become. I used to work with the Oklahoma state Legislature once upon a time, and I found the leadership of both parties to be , well, leadership. Now that was a few decades ago. Now we have legislatures in various states like S.D. and Mo. and Oklahoma rushing to see who can waste their tax payer's money first and quickest on costly dead-end-law suits. They truely believe that the new Robert's Court is simply going to role over 70 years and dozens of Church and State rulings by SCOTUS. They are truely out to lunch. Did they not listen to Roberts during his hearings. Alito may very well be a ringer, we will have to wait and see. But Roberts isn't. He may be conservative but he is also a legalist.
I for one welcome this early and hasty onslaught of the Fundamentalist Right. It might just wake up the people in the middle to the lies and false positions the Radical Right has used to try to get its hands on the throat of America.
They have reached too far and with too much haste, and will pay the price. If they had tried incremental and slow they would have succeeded. Thank God they are not that patient.

And now more far more serious stuff:
Anon, based on the prophecy, doesn't the president have to die before they reach Earth?
They jumped the Shark when they brought in the second Battlestar and voided about a dozen elements of continuity, and threw out the plot line. Greed, that all it was, simple greed on the part of the producers, now we are on a slightly more sophisticated plot line of the old Battle Star Galactica. Can't wait for the new super being, that Boomer#2's kid is obviously going to be, takes over.
It was such a good show with a lot of promise. Sad.
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