Friday, March 24, 2006


'The Lies of George W. Bush'

I am on a roll. Look away if it burns your eyes.


"George W. Bush is a liar. He has lied large and small, directly and by omission. His Iraq lies have loomed largest."

Read more from David Corn in The Nation.

Check out the book from Amazon.

As I said in a recent comment, Bush is in a league of his own.
History is beginning to stack up against him even before he leaves office.
There is only one thing that can redeem him. That is the same thing that redeemed Kennedy. But Cheney is no Johnson, and Tax cuts for the rich don't quite equal civil rights for blacks, so even that might not be enough.
Bush League.
I hope the NSA reads what you wrote dr. You'll be in cuffs before dark.
Typical democrat looking through the rear view mirror. Either that or your way behind in your reading. Oct 2003, come on even the likes of you should be able to do better than that. You’re probably still in shock since you lost your 08 candidate. I mean as per your rules of separation of church and state you’ll not be able to vote for hillary since she used Jesus in a speech yesterday.
There are no key words in that particular post Anonomouse. Besides that NSA (and the FBI and ASA) already knows who, what , and where I am anyway. We've know each other a long time. Their files on me run 42 years deep.

But why don't you through a bunch of key words into one of your postings and they will get to know you too. You see "Anon" doesn't hide you from those guys.

Actually you don't have to do even that. Just being on the same blog with me means your taggged and explored. I told ER that before I ever logged on here. He thought that since we were clean it wouldn't matter. Are you clean Anonomouse?
Regardless, Doc, that was a terrible thing to say.
Yeah I got a file. I'm scared now.
I promise I'll never bother you again. Please don't finger me, Please don't.
Hey all the mexican kids are walking out of the california schools. I hope they're all going south.
FF, it was not terriable, it was just an analytical thing to say. It was not a wish, nor a suggestion , nor a curse, but just a juxtaposition of history to the present. If I had thought it through I might have mentioned that Harding took that route, and for a time it worked very well. But as history began to dis-assemble his administration, the benifit went away, and he now stands as one of our worst presidents.

Anonomouse, I'm truely sorry I responded to you like I did. I must have had too much time on my hands to even consider such reinforcement. After all, everything that is said on the web is a lie until proven otherwise, is it not. If you are fingered I feel assured it will selfinducedigitalization.
Doc, I think you're absolutely right to warn "anonymouse" (and love that appellation, by the way) that the government tracks what bloggers say. The woman who runs a blog I participate in got an email from some Pentagon person after she posted an anti-war story asking her to link to some DoD site so that people would get the "other side" of the story.

She posted about it here:
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