Monday, March 06, 2006


Liberal Christians

Had another blog bout today with someone who finds it as hard to believe a Christian can be a liberal as I find it hard to believe a Christian can be a free-trade-big-business-first-warhawk.

Go figure.

At least we agreed, again, to disagree.

Here is an example of an organization of liberal Christians:

Progressive Christians.

And here is an example of a new book by a liberal Christian:

"Think Again," by Dr. Gary Cox. If nothing else, be sure to read the introduction.

Also, without going into any detail, ol' ER would appreciate prayers from all quarters -- lib, con, neocon, apolitical, whatever -- in connection with something for which I can find no faith, no serenity and little hope. I don't know what to pray, myself. I'm down to the inarticulable groans that Paul(?) talked about. Maybe one of y'all will get "a word from the Lord." :-)


Of course a Christian can be either end of the spectrum. I had a friend once that was surprised that I was Republican, being Mormon and all. I couldn't figure that out because we believe in self-reliance, and she knew that. It'd be an interesting study of what denominations have majorities on what sides.

Whatever burr is under your saddle, I hope you can resolve it soon. I usually include my friends in my prayers, but I'll put in an extra request just for you. ;)
Praying today for you to find peace in your heart over this matter. You always have my prayers.
For what it's worth you will be in the prayers of this grumpy old lefty sometimes agnostic.
Maybe the Lord won't count them against you.
I think you’re silly as hell for bringing God, Left, and Right into the same sentence. So what if a republican goes to church and is proud of it to the point of making it known. So what if democrats try to claim they don’t do the same thing. You’re both nuts for dragging God down to your level.
Anon, I just think yer silly. And nuts. I don't need no reasons -- other than you clearly don't understand this this is the very discussion going on in this country right now, thanks mostly to the religious right. :-)
BTW, Anon. It was God Himself who brought Himself "down" to my level, and yours. His name is Jesus. That's that whole Son of Man thing.
Can''t offer prayers, but hope wishing you well is not entirely meaningless, even if utterly ineffective.
Do me a favor, huh? Refer to it as the "radical religious right." I'm religious and on the right, but I'd hate to be mistaken for the radical nut jobs out there! ;)
You'll be in my prayers. Let us know the outcome, if you can.
TStock, good karma is welcome, too.

Frenzied, hmmm. How about RRR? I'll try to remember that.

CD, gracias.
So you're going to be just like em if it kills you. That's my point. Why worry about it. Live your life, vote your vote and don't make yourself sick. How many times do I have to tell you. Don't fret about what you can't change.
Hey! I got in here!

ER, I always considered myself a left-wing Christian because I (and my church) concentrate on New Testament love rather than Old Testament judgement. There's more, but thats the nutshell version.

I will say prayers for you to receive the guidance you need.

Haven;t tried you links yet, but I will!
Anon, I have no idea what this means, so please explain:

"So you're going to be just like em if it kills you."

In my wildest, wildest fantasy, I would strive to be like Jesus if it kills me.

Please explain.
E.R., chew this over in your dark hours: There is nothing you could ever do to make Jesus love you more. And there is nothing you could ever do to make Jesus love you less.

And because he loves you more than our human imaginations can conceive, it is his great pleasure to provide for every human need. Rely on that and accept it.
Anon, I see now. I'm going to be like the religious right ewing if it kills me. Maybe, as long as they act like theirs is the only acceptable brand of Christian faith.

As for, "Why worry about it. Live your life, vote your vote and don't make yourself sick."

Because I give a damn and I think anybody who just rides along on this planet, in this country, availing him-herself of the blessings of God on one hand, and the spoils of robbery and war on the other, is to be dismissed as merely taking up space that could better be used by someone else.

Trixie, many graciases.
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