Wednesday, March 01, 2006


How 'typically liberal'!

Even when Focus on the Family "reports" good news, it does so with a smirk. Jerks.

I can see it now. Jesus splits the eastern sky, the second-coming headline on the FOTF Web site will be: "Harrumph. We told you so!"

Jerks. Jerks. Jerks. Maybe I'll give up reading FOTF stuff for Lent!


9th Circuit Says Street Preacher Can Preach

A street preacher who got crossways with Portland, Ore.,has won his suit that claimed the city violated his free-speech rights.

According to The Associated Press, the typically liberal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Edward Gathright, a no-nonsense preacher whose pulpit is the sidewalk.

A three-judge panel unanimously ruled that Portland gave groups that held events at city parks too much discretion to eject people.

In 2001 and 2002 Gathright was kicked out of six different events.

"Gathright may be a gadfly to those with views contrary to his own," the judges wrote. "But First Amendment jurisprudence is clear that the way to oppose offensive speech is by more speech, not censorship, enforced silence or eviction."

I'd bet you could unsubscribe from Focus' mailing list at any time. Heckm you might even know someone on the inside who could do it for you ...
No way. Zwingli and Luther pretty much hated each other's guts -- actually, it was Luther who disdained Zwingli, really. But God used them both.

I have no doubt that God uses Focus on the Family -- just not necessarily in the way FOTF thinks.

Reading the stuff reminds me of what's important -- in fact, you might say that most of what FOTF rants about stands in sharp relief to what's really important. To me.

That all sounded snarkier than I meant it to. But I meant it in the spirit of brotherly love.

But then, Zwingli, in such a spirit, went down dead on a literal field of battle -- mainly because he got faith and government so tangled up.

God do, in deed, work in mysterious ways -- and sometimes in mischevious ways, HIS wonders to perform.

I just can't imagine Jesus with a smirk ... :-)
Yep, now if we can only get the locals to recognize our constitutionally-protected right to assemble in dissent, here in P.O.
For that matter, I keep thinking: since there is over thirty years worth of legal precedent set now concerning protest of a legal activity (abortion), I'm assuming that when Roe V. Wade gets overturned, I'll have a clear legal right to disrupt the business of right wing churches, statehouses, etc. And I can start web sites with "death lists", target those who work against the freedom of others and their families, etc.?
Just start a Web site to start a groundswell for outlawing fertility clinics. If Roe is overturned, well, then, dang it, what God said cannot procreate must not be allowed to do so by artifical means!!
Anon, not a bad idea. Right now those fertility clinic zygotes have citizenship in South Dakota.
Reckon pouring them down the sink is an felony abortion?
I've decided anti-abortion isn't about right-to-life. It's about future taxpayers.
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