Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Have we been neoconned?

Fascinating video. (Picked up from a commenter at Maness's place.)



I mean, I have NO doubt that they're low enough to do it. They've shown themselves to be without honor. But did they?
That sure was long. I gave it five minutes, then I bolted. Bet it was interesting information for those with more time.
Watched the whole damn thing.
Thanks a bunch ER.

PBS's NOVA has had a very informative program about the structural failure of the two towers. Short Version: basically they failed because the impact blew the sprayed on asbestos off of the steel trusses and the trusses bent due to the heat. The wieght of the floors on the trusses then pulled out the small bolts holding the trusses to the outer steel wall and the floors then pancaked straight down within their steel framework. All three buildings that collasped that day were built in the same manner. Also there was no "Core" like the movie said. the "core" was a steel frame covered in drywall. Even the elevator shafts were not built like a core structure. The strength of these buildings was in their outer steel shell.

This does not mean that there was not a conspriracy. But you don't have to look at why the buildings collapsed to find one. The hyjackers nor any conspirators probably would not have expected or known that the buildings would collapse.

The Pentagon crash is much more problematic. It has never seemed to be quite "right".

Would we do such a thing? After reading the Bio of the Stategic Air Command's General Curtis LeMay and how he wanted to start WW III with a first attack to finish off the Soviets and make the U.S. the ruler of the world, my answer is, quite possibly.

Would we kill several hundred of our own people to obtain some type of advantage. Yes we do it all the time. Normally those people are in uniform, but that's not required. Remember, the collapse of the Towers could not have been expected. That was just a bonus or excessive collateral damage perhaps.

Now remember this point if none other: Dis-information is the art of blending the truth in with lies so outrageous that the truth is dismissed along with the lies. Even this video could be part of a cover up.

Did we do this? The Pentagon "crash" is the key. Yes or no will be found there.

I hope we didn't. I don't believe we did. But.....if we did, we will need some public hangings.
Thank you for sharing this video with me. It has put my fears to rest. With a government with this much power and organization we can all sleep better. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yer welcome.
Picked up from a whacko conspiracy nut over at my place, you mean.
No, Mark, he said he got it from someone over at your place, not you.


Sometimes I crack myself up.
Before everything about this is dismissed, has anyone ever seen a video of the plane crashing into the Pentagon?
All those hundreds of traffic cameras that D.C.has, some even trained on the Pentagon accesses and no pictures?
Why were there not holes where the wings went into the building? There were on the towers.
I don't dismiss anything about it. Truth will out -- but as usual, the next generation, or the one after, will have to ferret it out.
Sort of like the Hamilton Burr pistols, or Washington's spies?
For every theory there are two as counter, A big wow factor tho. I hope that it wasn't our elected officials and if it is ever proven it was, God help the US.
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