Friday, March 17, 2006


'Go Pokes,' ER said wanly

Oklahoma State’s wrestling team advanced six wrestlers into the second round of the NCAA Wrestling Championships at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City.

Read all about it.

It's damn hard for me to get into this, actually. The champeenship tourney is going on 15 miles from where I sit. But I've never been so sickened and disappointed by my undergrad alma mater as now.

Might as well call it Boone Pickens U. -- and yes, I by God WILL look a gift horse in the mouth when the money comes with so many strings attached; when there isn't even any PRETENSE that academics is more important than sports; when the damn university has a chief executive, in practice as well as in name, instead of an academic leader-president; when the bootlicking MBAs in the CEO's court dare to raise ticket prices for everything across the board; when the system is so effed up it 1., literally lets Eddie Sutton (legendary basketball coach, to you non-Okies) trip over his own damn bottle of hootch, then 2., clamps down on the facts of the matter with the state media ...

With all that in mind, no way will I pay $100 for one ticket to see wrestling. I hope the Cowboys win, though. Barely.


On the other hand....GO SHOCKERS!

We kicked Seton Halls Butt, 86-66! Next victim? Tennessee!

Greed. Greed. GREED!
Higher Education cost in Oklahoma ( and damn near everywhere else) is a product of Greed.
Sports teams and stadiums are just a symptom.
Take the recent topic released by our Higher Education guys: Remediation.

You see, remediation is the same in 2005 as it was in 1995, as it was in 1985. Why? Bad preparation by K-12 schools? Hell No, they aren't perfect but they have been getting better ever year.

It is because "Remediation Courses" are a cash cow. Extra free money for the college. The students pay full cost for his or her remdiation course, but they are also counted in the credit hour budgeting system for the same college as well. So for every remedial student at a college, the college gets paid twice as much for them as a regular student. So when remediation numbers go down, the academic policy wonks in the system increase the number students by making the cut scores on the remdial needs test higher, therefore the number of students in need of remediation stays the same. As does the revenue. Simple trick really and it keeps the money flowing. It has been going on for years and precious few people have caught on. Legislators aren't going to do nothin about it. They might lose their free tickets to the sports events, now worth a hundred bucks or more. What's the felony dollar level these days?

Kinda of the same with tuition, raise tuition and you increase the need for student loans. Ever count the number of Bankers on all the boards of Regents in the State; even on the big board of regents that controls both the student loan programs and the college's tuition rates, while their banks are doing business with the student loans. Everybody is covered but the students. Who looks out for them these days and by the way, what does constitute a conflict of interest in 2006?

$100 tickets, hell, that just a symptom.

Got a kid in college, pay up buddy.

And he steps down off the soap box, picks it up and walks away.
I. Agree.
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