Saturday, March 18, 2006


ER's BS detector at work this week

Got two God-related e-mails this week that are urban legends.

The first one, which has a young Einstein challenging an "atheist professor" in a classroom showdown, is a great story and good fodder for pondering the nature of good and evil. But it appears never to have happened.

It's bullshit. Benign bullshit, but bullshit nonetheless.

Read about the Einstein-atheist professor urban legend here.

The other one seems more sinister -- a tale made up, supposedly in the name of God, to defame the American Civil Liberties Union. Isn't that Christlike! The story goes that the ACLU freaked out over a photo of a bunch of Marines with heads bowed, praying.

It's bullshit. Slanderous, evil, lying bullshit.

Read about the ACLU-Marines praying urban legend here.


your bs detector seems to be in perfect working order, er. well done in exposing these lies; perhaps their authors are unfamiliar with ALL of god's commandments.

here's a little something to supplement your detector.

I actually have a leather pair of those.
In another, unrelated bullshit development ...

I can't stand Sean Hannity.

I equally can't sdtand Howard Stern.

I accidentally turned on Hannity's radio shopw in the truck awhile ago and Howard Stern was his guest.

Their bullshit totally cancels each other's out! I could stand to listen to it and actually enjoyed it. Weird.
i used to loathe stern. then he kinda grew on me (especially after seeing his movie).

then he got divorced.

these days, i'm ambivalent about him, but i'm glad he's been taking shots at the chimp.

every vote counts....

First story:

I take offense that darkness and cold are used analogous to evil. I like the dark and cold; it's comforting, doesn't burn you, and hides scary things. I can't stand the light and heat.

Secondly, I could've more easily debunked the prof. God created Good and Evil, and since we are defined by our works he is both (Gnostic aspect of my Unitarianism coming through, sorry). What we commonly call God is instead that ultimate ideal of Good; vice-versa for Satan and Evil.

And Evil is the absence of God per se but the absence of Good.

Second story:

Lucius Traveler? Are you shitting me? I would've pegged that as a lie as soon as I saw the name. Nobody has a name like that.
*NOT the absence of God per se
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