Thursday, March 30, 2006


Dadgummable dialect!

A Texas state trooper pulled over an Oklahoma pickup on I-35. The trooper asked, "Got any ID?"

The Okie replied, " 'Bout whut?"

I love this! The joke's in the dialect, y'all. Anybody don't get it, lemme know'n I'll splain it directly.

(Thanks to "T" in Texas)

At the beginning of Desert Storm I always wondered how national newspeople could get away with calling a group of muslems sheite.
You're one sheite head that has a ID on everything.
Sir, debo exigir que usted proporcione su blog en inglés y vendrá el español o un pleito adelante. Gracias por su cooperación en esta materia.
Brudder apesadumbrado. Acabo de pensar que debo cepillar para arriba en mi español apenas en caso de que Oklahoma es tomada adentro por México.
el brudder
Como se dice "do what?"

That's cause I'm an ID man, and as such I attract flies. It is all for the greater glory of ER.

That stuffs not even cotton field tex-mex.
ER, you got any ID how bad the fahr aints are gonna be this summer?
I'd be more afeared of the formosan termites they say are bein' shipped in mulch all over the country from New Orleans. THAT was someboday bad ID. Them critters'll eat cement blocks fer snacks.

Fahr aints. I ha'nt kept up with, Nick.
This is funny. Someone from Indiana once asked me exactly what I meant when I said I was going to something "directly."

I said, "You know, 'directly' like, when I get 'round to it."

Seems that did not clarify "directly" adequately. I said drink some Jack Daniels and you'll understand me better.


The "This is funny" of my comment was in reference to your post, not my own.

Maybe I need some Jack, myself. It's five o'clock somewhere....

According to the handy-dandy online translator, those two spanish comments are something along the lines of:

I must demand that you provide his blog in English and will come the Spanish or a lawsuit advanced. Thanks for its cooperation in this matter.

Grieved Brudder. I finish thinking that I must cepillar for above in my Spanish hardly in case that Oklahoma is taken inside by Mexico.

So now we know.
Pidgen Tex-Mex!
I remember once on a trip up North, (Kansas or Nebraska I believe) I went in a store and asked, “Ya’ll got dippy dogs”? They grinned a big grin and asked, what is a dippy dog? It was the first time I realized
that I used the word Ya’ll without thinking about how it sounded, and that corn dogs were not universally known as dippy dogs. My little brudder still mocks me to this day.
Now, wait a dadgum minute. That's MY dippy dog tale! I been robbed! Sumbitch Brudder! LOL
The girl behind the counter at the small-toen drive-in said, "I thought you sounded like you were from the Deep South!"
Would that story qualify as corn doggeral?
Usted los individuos sabe apenas incluso hablar inglés. ¡incluso no intente el pidgeon Tex Mex! Usted puede ser que se lastime.
This is gettin' plumb outta hand. This is what altavista thinks ou said, Miss C.!

You individual just know them even to speak English. Tex Mex does not even try pidgeon! You can be that she hurts herself.

Hee hee! Its supposed to say:

Y'all have enough trouble speaking English, much less pidgeon Tex Mex! You just might hurt yourself.

Alta Vista wasn't too far off. Next time try Babelfish.
corn dog? does it live in a corn hole?
Prairie-dog-on-a-stick? Gross.
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