Saturday, March 25, 2006


Buck Owens, 1929-2006, RIP

***UPDATED with better obit***

"Pbptpth! He was gone!"

Poor ol' Buck! Lived a good, long life, though.

Read the Buck Owens Wikipedia entry here.

Read about his Oklahoma City connections here.

Rest in peace, chief Buckaroo!


Buck was never my favorite, but he certainly contributed a lot to the world of music and he will be missed. I think my brother will be at the head of the line on the other side to greet him.
Yeah, sad.
I bet my Uncle and my grandparents are damn glad to meet him, finallly, though.
Man: the pantheon of classic Country is passing, isn't it? And who takes their place? To-by Keith? Eeersh. Shan-ia Twain? Arrrgh! Brooks n'-I can't even say it.
Rest in peace, Buck.
I forget: is Roy Clark still with us?
Hee-Haw, fitting place for Buck to spend his time in that he named himself for his favorite family mule named Buck. Hee-Haw, right and left, and all he had to do was act naturally.
Think I'll get some wiskey and down load some of his early stuff.
Roy Clark, whose guitar pickin' can make me slack-jawed and drool, is still alive and kicking.

Haggard is my absolutely all-time favorite.
Oh, Rich. Garth Brooks had us all eatin' out of his hand. He's a modern great, I think.
Eww, Garth Brooks, gross...

Buck Owens was a classic.

I am going to be a regular now that my computer problems are over (I think). The blogger sites just started working for no discernable reason, three months later.

Relocate and calculate.
(Go figger)
Yay for Miss C.!

I confess a bias for the Okie Garth. I was at Oklahoma State the same time he was, hanging out at the place he was playin' and chasin' skirt at the dancehall where he met Sandy and all that.

More importantly, though: I was in a crowd of a few hundred in a city auditorium in Texas in '89 when we saw him do "Friends in Low Places" -- before it was on the radio. Dudette! We all looked at one another and knew we were in the presence of greatness.

(But I like Dwight better over all.)
I didn't much care for his music, although I rather liked, "I was looking back to see if you were looking back to see if I was looking back to see if you were looking back at me".

However, I am sorrowful at his passing.

I saw Roy Clark in person at a concert at Worlds of Fun Amusement park in Kansas City saome years ago. What a tremendous talent, especially at playing the guitar and banjo!

Also, I remember one of his beautiful back up singers/dancers, who was wearing the little short waisted jacket that all the dancers wore, lifted her arm too high and one of her boobs popped out from underneath on stage.

Darned if that didn't sere the memory of that concert into my mind.
A wayward booby will do that! :-)
I used to watch Buck Owens every saturday night. He gave pleasure to millions of people. And he is remembered. It's good to be able to say that.
Reba was a favourite of mine before the tv show. I just can't quite seem to see her the same since.
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