Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Bailey: 'guarded condition'

Poor Bailey's hind legs quit on him this afternoon, and Dr. ER, whose right hind leg has quit on her (broken hip), quite appropriately freaked out and called me at work, but couldn't find me because I was in a daylong meeting, and had security track me down.

I rushed home to rescue two of my favorite people in the world -- my wife and a little four-legged dude dressed up in a po-white-trash-weinie-dog suit. Took him to a doggie hospital, where he remains on day-to-day -- not for living, but for coming back home.

Bailey got a cortisone shot and some meds for this, the latest difficulty with his back, and he never quit loving all of us, and he never quit waggin' his tail, despite the discomfort.

When I was a lot younger, some of used to debate whether dogs and other pets had "souls." Nowadays, I believe that critter dogs and critter cats are among the vanguard of God's invasion of humanity, just behind the Savior Himself and ahead of the first-born of the born from above.

Because all critter dogs and critter cats do is love us unconditionally, and accept our pitiful, scared, ignorant but hopeful love back -- which just about sums up any right relationship with God, as far as I'm concerned.


ER, this is spooky.

Sydney had to go to the Vet yesterday to be treated for a dislocated left shoulder. (We have no idea how it happened. We asked him, but he won't tell us...)

He is home now, and seems to be doing fine, but the whole episode scared the Bejeezus out of the wife and me.

Sorry to hear about Dr. ER's right hind leg.

She and Bailey are both in our prayers.

And I would like to take this opportunity to ask both you and Dr. ER, and any other believer who happens to see this, to remember my Mom when you talk to God tonight and Tommorrow.

She is having surgery on her right front shoulder in the morning.
Man, I am so sorry about all this.

Re: pets in heaven, when our cat Sylvester unexpectedly had to be put to sleep about a year ago, my then-5-year-old son wanted to know whether he was in heaven. (Almost tears me up still to recall it.)

We unreservedly said yes.

I couldn't think of any reason why not....
Prayers going up for all those who are hurting, both human and animal.

Maybe you should see if you can find Bailey a short yellow wagon, but not too short. He'll still need tail-waggin' room. Poor pup.
All good dogs...and possibly even good cats, go to heaven.

For having remained so loyal to mankind over the last several millenia, I think heaven would be a just reward.

Good luck with your faithful hound ER.
Sorry to hear ER, dachsunds are known for back problems. A winery I visit regularly has a dachsund that lost the use of it rear legs and they had a cart made to support its rear while the front can do the work. It is a happy little dog still, greeting me when I visit unaware it is in a "wheelchair" for doggies. Good luck and prayers for a good outcome.
Don't usually inject my bio here, but we lost our dog last month. Well wishing redoubled, ER and clan, and the others worried or hurt here.
ER, sorry about all the pain at
your home sted. I do beleive our
animals have souls. I think we
have talked about my mom's near
death experence. After that she
could see things the rest of us
could not.
I remember one night I was over
watching tv with them. Her bird
was sick, mom had it out of the
coffee table. Trying to make it
as comfortable as she could.
After I noticed the bird had
passed away. I told mom he was
gone. She simply answered me
"I know I saw him fly away"
Do all dogs go to heaven? No,and niether do all humans either. I somtimes think that dogs and cats probably invented heaven anyway. They give the only unconditional love I have ever seen, and isn't that one of the benifits of heaven?
I wouldn't be too disapointed to get there and be met by all my old dogs and cats. In fact the more I think on it, the better that sounds.
If Bailey has to have a little cart, will it have an "8" on it?
Tug, Redneck prayers aloft, and thanky for your'n sent this way.

GP, me neither.

Trixie, ha!

Carrier, thanks.

Goat, I'll bet Bailey winds up with one of those doggie carts.

TStock, I'm sorry.

Jeannie Dianne, whoa.

Drlobojo, a big 29, since as Bird says, "he loves you more" (not), and small 8, since he was supposed to be Bird's dog, actually.
UPDATE: Bailey is resting comfortably at home now, on prednisone and a sedative.
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