Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Baby ER, striking thoughtful pose

Proof that I did have hair!

Bailey update: He is resting comfortably behind a baby gate in the utility room, on a dose of prednisone and pretty doped up.

We took him out to pee awhile ago and had to hold his hind end up while he did his bidness.

The doc said he'd get his legs back, again, but it will be awhile.

He's in no pain and is maintaining his always sunny short-yellow disposition.


Maybe you could make him a little sling for his back legs that you hold up with a leash. That way you can just walk him outside for the pees and the poops. Or do you have to lift his leg for him too?
E.R. was definitely erudite from the beginning of time.

Poor Bailey. Here's hoping he continues to show improvements until he's back to his old self. Give him a biscuit for me please.
Bailey has never hiked his leg to pee.

Me neither.

One doggie treat for Bailey at Trixie's request, coming up!
That's funny. My Fefe-dog was a girl, but I think she was raised by a single father because she always hiked her leg. I guess these dogs didn't get their gender indoctrination lectures.
Aren't you too cute! ;)

Give Bailey some extra stroking from me--and be sure to TELL him it's from me. He already loves you, so you don't need the credit. :)
ER said: Proof that I did have hair!

Yes, but even then, a little thin on top it was.
ER, don't rename something to Baily just to stroke it.

And as long as I've known you, you've had plenty of hair. What's the deal? It's all on your face and back, but you've got gobs of hair.

E and R even as an infant: You appear to be contemplating intellectual combat while enjoying a big chaw of tobaccer.
GP, I hadn't seen those chubby cheeks that way, but yer right!
Hope Bailey feels better soon. It's so hard when a pet is under the weather.

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